Nervous system tumors check what should be done

By | December 21, 2011

Nervous system tumors check what should be done, the diagnosis of nervous system tumors in addition to their medical history, symptoms and signs generally make judgments, but still need the help of examination methods to determine the presence of tumor, location and nature. The most common and most effective way is to imaging and EEG.
Nervous system tumors check what should be done (1) skull plain film of intracranial tumors found 50% -90%, including signs of increased intracranial pressure and signs of tumor localization. Some tumors may even plain film based on the diagnosis of the skull, such as pituitary tumor spherical expansion of the patient's sella, sellar craniopharyngioma addition to bone destruction in patients outside the calcified plaque can occur saddle. Side of the expansion of the diagnosis of Xin Xin Road, dark tumor of nerve reliable basis.
Nervous system tumors check what should be done (2) the pathological signs of cerebral angiography include: changes in normal vascular displacement or curvature, that is occupying signs; new blood vessels, that is, pathological blood vessels, help to qualitative.
Nervous system tumors check what should be done (3) ventriculography or ventricular system of deep tumors have a certain role, but gradually being replaced by CT and MRI.
(4) CT brain scan can tell the different organizations on the value of X-ray absorptiometry nuances, through computer processing, allows intracranial structures such as the brain ventricles and the pond system, gray and white matter lesions clear structure and development, so the intracranial great value in the diagnosis of cancer. CT diagnosis of intracranial tumors, mainly through the formation of abnormal pathological tissue density area and the oppression of the tumor on the ventricular system to determine the shift. Diagnosis of supratentorial tumors of higher value, while posterior fossa and brain stem tumor, due to the impact of artifacts may be missed. CT scan of spinal tumors have a certain diagnosis. Enhancer could make certain tumor after injection of a more clearly displayed.
(5) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) resolution and clarity is better than CT, and can scan three-dimensional level. For most intracranial tumor localization and qualitative better than CT. Diagnosis of spinal cord tumor is the most effective way.
(6) positron emission tomography (PET) tissue metabolism by the level of resolution imaging can help us understand the degree of malignancy of brain tumors to assess the surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, dynamic monitoring of tumor malignancy and recurrence. As expensive, it is not universal.
Nervous system tumors check what should be done (7) EEG of the 20th century century, 30 years for clinical, based on parts of there brain tumor diagnosis of the abnormal waves, accuracy rate of 70% -85%, it is simple, safe and pain , but not qualitative, CT and MRI as clear and intuitive.
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