How to do chemotherapy hair loss

By | November 4, 2011

Chemotherapy hair loss (alopecia) is a common adverse reactions of chemotherapy, but not all medicines can cause hair loss, can be used to consult a doctor whether the drug can cause hair loss. When chemotherapy hair loss, the hair becomes thin and easily broken or falling down the whole root, hair loss can occur in various parts of the body, including the head, face, shoulders, legs, underarms, and perineum. After chemotherapy, the hair will usually grow out again, some patients still do chemotherapy, has started to re-grow hair, and sometimes re-grow hair color or hair texture will be somewhat different. Hair loss usually does not happen right away, usually after the first few weeks of chemotherapy before or after several chemotherapy occurred. Many patients describe the loss of hair before they had become fragile hair, hair loss or large loss may be gradual, the hair is still growing and may become brittle and dry.
Chemotherapy hair loss, cancer patients during chemotherapy should be how to care for the scalp and hair, the first to use a mild shampoo, a comb with a soft, dry wind with a low heat hair, hair cut short hair, short hair will make your hair look full it is, will make hair loss easier processing. Second, when the hair loss, the use of UV umbrella, hat or head scarves and other cover to protect the scalp from the sun. Avoid drying hair loss hair fluffy or scattered.
Some cancer patients when all or most of the hair loss choose to wear a scarf hat, head scarf, hat or wig, bald head, some patients are not allowed to increase cover, there are people out under the public or outside the home to meet with friends and family The random change. Only way is for your comfort of your choice. If you are willing to cover the overhead of the method of choice in most of your hair loss before the wig is ready to advance, according to your most recent hairstyle and hair color to choose, you can go to create a special store to buy wigs wigs. Some companies may send someone to help you in your home, or through the yellow pages or 114 directory assistance to find the help you buy a wig, can also be considered by a wig without having to buy new ones, to discuss how nurses can nearby communities to buy a wig. To the barbershop with a wig or a custom store of purchase for your face hair.
Chemotherapy hair loss, cancer patient's head, face, body hair off of your course, difficult to accept, feel angry or depressed is common and understandable, but to remember that it was temporary, and can talk about the same experience to share your worries and boredom.

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