Cancer chemotherapy side effects how long

By | November 10, 2011

Chemotherapy is usually completed in normal cells l – 2 weeks recovery, so the majority of cancer patients after chemotherapy side effects subside.Cancer chemotherapy side effects how long (by the injury returned to normal growth of healthy cells time to the disappearance of the adverse reaction time), depending on your overall health, nutrition during chemotherapy and the chemotherapy taken by your programs.
Chemotherapy side effects will last long, many cancer patients after chemotherapy without serious adverse long-term problems, but in some cases, chemotherapy can cause permanent changes or damage to the heart, lungs, nerves, kidneys, reproductive system or other organs. Some chemotherapy drugs may be a delay in the role after many years or many years later appeared a second cancer. You can consult oncologist, you accept the chemotherapy could have serious adverse long-term opportunities (but remember to balance, cancer is an urgent threat to you.)
Chemotherapy side effects will last long, as the development of medical science, cancer chemotherapy in the prevention and reduction of serious adverse events has made great progress, many new drugs and new treatment options to kill cancer cells more effective in normal cells less damaging.

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