How to diagnose prostate cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Local symptoms of prostate cancer later, often the first treatment for the transfer of the reasons for the symptoms, so early diagnosis is difficult to rely solely on clinical symptoms. The main basis for the diagnosis of prostate biopsy specimens of prostate surgery or pathological examination, the other for auxiliary checks.Diagnosis of prostate cancer have the following elements:
(1) digital rectal examination digital rectal examination for early diagnosis of prostate cancer is very important, can be expressed as the prostate capsule irregular, stone-like hard lump can be touched, such as the spread to seminal vesicles are highly suspicious. Tumor sizes, Tuberculosis and stones and prostate should be identified.
(2) Determination of acid phosphatase of the inspection and digital rectal examination should be checked 24 hours after the urethra, 80% had distant metastasis of prostate cancer increased by acid phosphatase, no distant metastasis in 20% of acid phosphatase increased. Therefore, acid phosphatase in serum was significantly increased, suggesting the possibility of prostate cancer.
(3) the diagnosis of prostate cancer, serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) determination of the inspection and digital rectal examination should be checked after a week urethra. Prostate specific antigen is more sensitive than the acid phosphatase tumor marker for prostate cancer diagnosis, clinical stage, efficacy, prognosis and recurrence of great significance.
(4) X-ray pelvis, lumbar spine radiography in the diagnosis of cancer metastasis is an important check, and sometimes can be used for imaging the vas deferens seminal vesicles. Imaging of prostate cancer, bladder and urethra showed a lack of normal prostate curve associated with urethral stiff, narrow. When the bladder involvement, the bottom shows irregular filling defect in the bladder.
(5) the diagnosis of prostate cancer, B-ultrasound examination can be found in the prostate shape changes, displacement, envelope reflector is not continuous, not smooth, glands occur within the group of light and dark areas. Can be used as auxiliary diagnosis.
(6) CT and MRI images of their clear, high resolution, and security without the pain, which is an examination of diagnostic value.
(7) biopsy diagnosis of prostate cancer diagnosis prostate cancer is absolutely dependent on the microscopic examination of tissue. Appears before the local spread and distant metastasis, only signs of local induration, the biopsy can make early diagnosis and biopsy diagnosis of prostate cancer is the most reliable check.
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