How to prevent colorectal cancer

By | January 2, 2012

How to prevent colorectal cancer? Japan, Germany, the United States have legislation requiring citizens over the age of 50 colorectal cancer screening once a year; in many types of cancer, colorectal cancer incidence rate in China rose fastest in first qualifying session of 9 malignant tumors c; present in our country, go to the hospital still in colorectal cancer patients, late majority, 5-year survival rate after surgery is less than 50%.
With the increased levels of public life and diet changes, and colorectal cancer incidence in China has shown a clear upward trend. However, colorectal cancer prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment of work in China is still lagging behind, to the hospital for treatment of colorectal cancer patients still in the late majority, in the economically developed Japan, Germany, the United States have legislation requiring the State 50 citizens over the age of one year colorectal cancer screening must be accepted.
Four high-risk groups of colorectal cancer
First, many data show that radiation therapy, female genital cancer after radiation therapy, the opportunity to significantly increase the risk of rectal cancer. Therefore, the history of lower abdominal radiation therapy women should be vigilant, once the blood in the stool, straining, and changes in bowel habits, rectal symptoms, colonoscopy is necessary in a timely manner.
Second, the genetic relatives of a person in colorectal cancer patients, he (she) under certain conditions, more opportunities for colorectal cancer occurred. Therefore, if the relatives, especially relatives of colorectal cancer in patients with colorectal cancer in particular, the family related to each member should be regularly checked.
Third, the feces constipation with a condition known as "secondary acid" carcinogens, constipation and intestinal mucosa to the long-term exposure to this substance. On the other hand, the toxins produced by fecal bacteria and toxic bacterial products of glycolysis, due to constipation and a long stay in the intestine, the part of the intestinal mucosa irritation and the absorption of water-soluble toxic substances have adverse effects on the human body . So with colorectal cancer constipation aggravating role.
Four, three high and one low has the following diet and lifestyle habits are more likely to suffer from colon cancer. High-calorie, high fat (oil), high protein (meat), low-fiber (less coarse, less vegetables) eating habits; daily feeding too many times; eat barbecue food; long sit-in working condition; long-term unprotected with asbestos, pesticides, herbicides, paints and a variety of heavy metals in contact; childhood began smoking; alcohol; long-term consumption of coffee.
Maintenance of a healthy diet pyramid
How to prevent colorectal cancer? European Cancer Prevention Organization and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences made the following recommendations:
1. To reduce the intake of fatty foods, fish, poultry, lean meats, low fat dairy products, too much animal fat instead of meat to cook, steaming foods instead of fried foods. 2. To increase green leafy and root vegetables, fruit intake. 3. Eat more food starch and fiber. 4. To maintain an appropriate weight. 5. Daily salt intake to less than 5 grams. 6. Eat less salted, smoked foods, do not eat moldy food. 7. Less drink alcoholic beverages.
— Critical signals will occult blood
Lesions of early colorectal cancer is limited to the mucosa or submucosa and muscle layer but not soaked, this stage patients are often asymptomatic, does not seek treatment. Trace blood in feces with the majority of early colorectal cancer is the only anomaly can be detected, so the trace of fecal hemoglobin detection is of great significance. Clinical studies, 50% -87% of colorectal cancer patients have occult blood test was positive.
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