How to care for oral cancer surgery

By | October 29, 2011

Clinical post-operative care that oral cancer, oral cancer, a common method of post-operative care are the following:
Postoperative care of oral cancer (1) combined radical resection of cervical who, according to general anesthesia care. Patients to be awake, blood pressure was stable, the preferred semi-supine.
Postoperative care of oral cancer (2) timely absorption exports, nose and throat secretions, keep the airway open. Aphasia patients can not be complained of discomfort, patients should be carefully observed per irritability, nasal congestion and other respiratory symptoms flap and timely reporting of a doctor, ready to use material tracheotomy.
Postoperative care of oral cancer (3) observe the flap color, temperature, and elasticity. If the flap temperature decreases, and gradually increase was black and blue, should be immediately reported to the doctor.
Postoperative care of oral cancer (4) postoperative suction drainage connection, to observe the drainage of fluid properties, color and quantity, to prevent bleeding. Radical line on the left tongue, neck dissection surgery, such as the drainage of fluid milk and Sport was like, shall immediately notify the doctor.
Postoperative care of oral cancer (5) from the first postoperative day, can not open mouth or mouth problems can wipe 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, normal saline, in a timely manner with a suction pump fluid, 4 times a day to prevent infection.
(6) facial wounds often clean cotton ball with alcohol to ensure that local cleaning, promote wound healing.
Postoperative care of oral cancer (7) to give liquid diet after about 1 week to a semi-liquid. Do lip, cheek, tongue, nasal surgery required.

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