Elements of home care of cancer patients

By | October 29, 2011

Cancer is a serious, chronic wasting disease, the vast majority of patients after hospitalization, the need for rest home and continue outpatient treatment. Patients in their homes freely, relaxed, familiar environment, there is intimacy, but also find convenient daily life, and feel the warm side of their loved ones can get a better mental supplement.
In fact, the first is the patient's care from the family began. Families are often the most understanding and patient progression through the hardships, the most sympathetic to the patient, time for the patient to share the pain, hoping to help doctors and patients can do something. Family members, relatives and friends of care not only is the painstaking attention to detail and. Therefore, the family care and rehabilitation of cancer patients is very important. So the main points of home care cancer patients have the following:
Home care of cancer patients (1) Family and friends should have a right attitude, there must be mentally prepared to face the reality, heavy responsibilities and obligations of the heart a sense of responsibility, pick yourself up a good image of the patient, because family members will affect the mental state of the patient's psychological, family and friends are often the patient's spiritual pillar.
Cancer Patient Family Care (2) to create a relaxed, natural, warm atmosphere, good patient ideological work and psychological care. Family understanding, comfort, care, help, encouragement, patience and ideological work, will make the patients feel pain in a warm and pleasant. This is conducive to the stability of patients with emotional and psychological balance. This is an important part of family mental care. For information about how to do the psychological care of patients, has been mentioned many times before.
Home care of cancer patients (3) for the patient to create a comfortable, quiet, health, safety, ease of daily life and exercise environment. As much as possible for patients to provide a favorable family environment, the basic requirements are: to keep the indoor clean and tidy, fresh air circulation, proper temperature and humidity, good indoor lighting, decorative colors and soft, quiet surroundings with life. In general, cancer is not contagious, patients do not need isolation, but most patients with poor immunity are vulnerable to a variety of pathogen infection, conditions for regular indoor UV disinfection, and cleaning and disinfection apparatus commonly used in patients. For the convenience of the patient's daily life, interior layout and placement of various items should be reasonable in place. Inconvenience to the patients of activities should be equipped with auxiliary devices such as wheelchairs, frame, crutches, or a certain place in the indoor installation of handrails. Beds, tables, chairs, toilet and comfort such as the height of the patient's condition should be based on reasonable adjustment. For less severe diseases or conditions that allow patients should be encouraged to get out of bed, self-cooking, in order to reduce pressure ulcers, respiratory infections and other complications occurred. It should also be taken to avoid and prevent some of the potential dangers such as the use of some sharp sharp, easily broken, stupid big heavy supplies and equipment. Home water, electricity, fire, gas management should pay particular attention to the patient should avoid direct action. Generally not from the people at home to avoid accidents. It should also be based on actual conditions, can be prepared to exercise some of the equipment, the assistance of his family's physical activity appropriate to facilitate the function of various body parts and physical recovery.
Home care of cancer patients (4) Family caregivers should also try to acquire a certain amount of care knowledge and technology, and health care professionals and hospitals to maintain close ties to the patient's condition and timely feedback to the competent doctors and nurses to obtain their guidance and help. Learn as much as possible about body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration measurements; commonly used drugs to use and simple injection operation; clean the patient's body, especially the mouth, nose, genitalia and anus are cleaned; night urine nursing; long-term bedridden patients bedsore prevention and care; made desolate I (tracheostomy, colostomy, urinary tract or bladder stoma, etc.) care; variety of intubation (nasal feeding tube, gastric tube, intravenous catheter, hard membrane catheter, a variety of drainage tubes, etc.) and other aspects of nursing knowledge and skills have knowledge of these, family members should take the initiative to consult medical professionals and access to relevant professional books. Families cope with the development of patient condition, treatment and care measures, the patient's reaction, including symptoms, signs and mental status have a more accurate, quantitative record time, and should be long term. This helps to understand the dynamic progression of the disease and to evaluate the effect of treatment and care to predict the development and outcome of disease can be targeted to the development of future treatment and care plan.
Conditions should be based on the situation of families to keep some of analgesics, sedatives, hemostatic, and other commonly used anti-infective drugs. Some simple and easy to operate, or urgent need of medical equipment, such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, syringes, oxygen bag and suction tube, water bottle, ice bag and scissors, and deter child, cotton swabs, bandages, medical alcohol, shy wine, to the Soviet Union and solutions. If they are not their own situation or some emergency treatment, the patient required hospital treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease.
Cancer Patient Family Care (5) make cancer patient care and diet, diet nursing home care is an important project should be planned, reasonable arrangements for the purpose of scientific deployment.

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