Advanced cancer patients eat food

By | October 29, 2011

Advanced cancer patients compared physical weakness, difficulty eating, in order to further the treatment of patients, we must understand what cancer patients eat, like to eat, you need to eat nutritious food.Advanced cancer patients eat foods are mainly the following aspects:
Advanced cancer patients eat food (1) choose a secondary anti-cancer food. Such as algae, seaweed and other seafood have Endometriosis role; Hu Luoka can enhance macrophage phagocytosis; mushrooms, edible fungus, beans, ergot, day lily, asparagus belong to the complementary anti-cancer food.
Advanced cancer patients eat food (2) the supply of adequate energy, protein and vitamin food, in order to maintain the patient's nutrition. Diet variety and easy to digest, eat quality protein with milk, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, soy products category, eat honey, and sugar-rich rice, flour, etc. to supplement the heat; more food with Vitamin-rich water to stay, liver, peanuts and carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and other fresh vegetables.
Advanced cancer patients eat food (3) Note that food containing trace elements and the appropriate intake of fat to fly in the foundation and aluminum minerals have anticancer effects, with humble foods are mushrooms, garlic, onions, millet, corn, etc., containing aluminum foods are beans, lentils, Luoka and so on. Adequate intake of fat and vegetable oil, can help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamin, and supplement the heat.
Advanced cancer patients eat food (4) avoid eating non-digestible food dishes attention to color, smell, taste deployment, eat tomatoes, Luoka, mountain plum, red dates, etc., conducive to digestion, another anti-cancer effect.
Advanced cancer patients eat food (5) attention to improving eating habits and cooking methods, do not eat fungus, toxin contaminated food, or charred, smoked, crisp system and high-salt foods. Also avoid eating sadness, thinking, customary law, etc., should be in a relaxed state of mind eating, maintaining a good mood, conducive to digestion and absorption.

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