Herbal Treatment of lung cancer

By | October 9, 2011

Herbal Treatment of lung cancer, lung cancer patients for the early and mid-, and its digestive system is sound, in the clinical diagnosis, they should seize the time to add nutrients to the body to improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, prevent or delay the emergence of cachexia . If the clinical treatment before the more nutrients to be fully adequate, patients in better condition the body with chemotherapy and radiation tolerance of a strong, treatment effects are good; the same body in better condition than patients with poor nutritional status of patients more Surgical treatment of love and can pick a faster recovery. Therefore, patients with lung cancer early and mid-ability in the digestion and absorption as soon as possible under the conditions allowed a variety of nutrients may be added, such as high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, salts and vitamins. The use of qi and yin, spleen and stomach, blood circulation, phlegm Sanjie medicine treatment of lung cancer can achieve good results. Pave the way for the conditioning of Chinese medicine.
Compared with gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer patient's diet should be a better solution. In addition to the nourishing food that Chinese medicine, Herbal Treatment of lung cancer, lung cancer patients should use milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver, soy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and so on. Can maximize the patient's food intake and eating frequency. Note: fishy lung cancer patients should avoid greasy foods, spicy and taboos of tobacco, alcohol and other spicy food. There is a note of the surrounding air fresh.
Herbal Treatment of lung cancer, the lung cancer patients cough, hemoptysis, Herbal Treatment study, there are many Yin lungs and cough to stop bleeding, the convergence of the prescription and the food side, such as Yin lungs with work and food almond jellyfish, lily, water chestnuts, etc., and multiple intersecting, lotus seeds, persimmon, pear, yam, lily, jelly and others have cough, convergence hemostasis. According to folk prescription, lung cancer patients can eat gecko, turtle shell extract, turtle meat, rice, ginseng (or American ginseng), astragalus, wheat Asp, Schisandra, Gui, artillery monkshood, (Xian Jian), Cuscuta, Ligustrum lucidum son, antler, Epimedium, Adenophora, conditioning, etc. Yin foods.

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