Metastasis of lung cancer

By | October 9, 2011

Lung cancer liver metastases:
The liver is the most common sites of metastases of lung cancer, one lung adenocarcinoma, small cell lung cancer the most common, about 15% of lung cancer patients with metastatic sites first appeared as the liver. When liver metastasis was manifested as loss of appetite, nausea, Clinical often considered for other causes to the neglect of liver metastases. Late may have weight loss, liver pain, yellow plague, etc., check the serum alanine and aspartate aminotransferase in addition, alkaline phosphatase increased significantly, the lactate dehydrogenase and glutamate r cool the base of a converting enzyme can be significantly increased, physical examination can be found in liver, quality, or hard, irregular margin, the surface characteristics of liver metastases of inequality. CEA sustainable rise. The lack of specific symptoms as liver, once diagnosed lung cancer, should regularly check liver regular B-, suspected liver metastases patients, CT or MRI should be done to further diagnose and, if necessary to do isotope liver blood pool scan, except for hepatic hemangioma and other benign lesions, the staging of small cell lung cancer check liver metastasis detection rate of 17% _34%. After the detection of liver biopsy should strive for a clear pathological diagnosis.
Diffuse liver metastases can be element of early symptoms, abnormal findings on physical examination element, sometimes ALT or AST (alanine aminotransferase or aspartate) mildly to moderately elevated, B-diffuse heterogeneous can be changed, should pay attention to other liver diseases identification.
Lung cancer with brain metastasis:
(1) visual impairment: increased intracranial pressure causes the eye when the poor venous return, leading to congestion and edema, retinal damage on the visual cells, causing decreased vision.
(2) mental disorders: in front of the frontal lobe brain damage to frontal lobe brain tumor may be the spirit of activity, causing excitement, restlessness, depression, depression, forgetfulness, fiction and other mental abnormalities.
(3) headache: the nature of much more severe, often in the early morning attack, and sometimes wake up in pain, sleep is, but get a headache after mild activity will gradually ease or disappear.
(4) unilateral limb paresthesia or weakness: in the middle of the parietal brain hemisphere, specifically to deal with feelings, the parts of the tumor often leads to unilateral limb pain, temperature, vibration, shape discrimination of decline or disappear.
(5) Magic olfactory: the Ministry of temporal lobe tumor can occur in its Magic olfactory stimulation can smell a smell that does not exist, such as rice or coke burning rubber smell.
(6), hemiplegia or staggering gait: a small brain lesions is more specific, that is, often in patients with headache, vomiting, visual disorders, the emergence of hemiplegia or drunken staggering gait.
(7), tinnitus and deafness: more than this when the phone found that one ear can hear, then hear the other ear. The manifestations are a harbinger of acoustic neuroma.
(8) and vomiting: Because of increased intracranial pressure, leading to medullary respiratory center is stimulated, thereby vomiting, headache and vomiting occur after multiple in, was sprayed.
Kidney and adrenal metastasis of lung cancer:
Kidney and adrenal gland were hematogenous metastasis of lung cancer at advanced stage results, about 17% -20% of lung cancer and adrenal metastasis of renal patient. Also known as renal cell carcinoma renal cell carcinoma, renal adenocarcinoma, is the most common malignant renal parenchyma. Kidney cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy , chemotherapy, immune therapy is not satisfactory, not sure.
Bone metastasis of lung cancer:
About 50% of lung cancer patient will eventually be multiple sites of bone metastases. For patients with bone metastases, usually compatible with radiation and chemotherapy treatment, patients with specific program will have as the case may be. But even if timely, adequate, adequate course of treatment can not guarantee you a cure. For cancer patients, more than 5 years after treatment were still alive even very good, and there is no way to cure cancer.
Other metastasis of lung cancer:
Metastatic lung cancer, in addition to the several common sites of metastases, the less common sites of metastases are the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, abdominal cavity, heart and other parts of the transfer, the symptoms often associated with the metastatic sites.

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