Diffusion and transmission of lung cancer

By | October 10, 2011

Diffusion and transmission of lung cancer, often there are many cancer patients and their relatives have all raised the question: cancer contagious? Years of medical research at home and abroad, concluded that the cancer is not contagious.
The occurrence of lung cancer and certain genetic factors in the role of environmental factors, so that some cells become cancerous, these cancer cells continue to reproduce, grow and become tumors. Therefore, any form of lung cancer can not be transmitted from one person to another person.
The findings show that lung cancer incidence rate in patients with higher than unrelated by blood, and close relatives than distant relatives, paternal relatives and there was no significant difference between maternal relatives, indicating that the incidence of cancer and genetic factors have a certain relationship.
Will genetic or infectious lung cancer, lung cancer genetics research has gone through nearly a hundred years, but no definite proof of lung cancer based on hereditary. If the family has cancer patients (including cancer), I also for the long-term heavy smokers, should be vigilant. Analysis of the human genome can identify the genes related to the occurrence of lung cancer based on? In the precancerous stage can take certain measures, such as gene regulation to block the occurrence of lung cancer? Need further study.
People to have a family history of cancer, carry out regular inspections and arrange focus protective measures, is an effective way to prevent that early detection of lung cancer, early diagnosis and early treatment have important clinical significance. Understand the diffusion and transmission of lung cancer patients with lung cancer are also more conducive to infection or genetic understanding.

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