Gastric self-care

By | April 11, 2012

Self-care of gastric cancer, gastric cancer that occurred in the cardia, gastric body and pyloric part of the gastric epithelium and intestinal epithelial malignancy.
Indeed, the spirit of cancer to the body by the people from the full blow. However, a person is itself a variety of things in the same struggle to survive, the purpose is to live. To treat the disease as well. Clinical experience has shown, the same medical conditions, some patients build up courage to win the confidence to overcome the disease, the disease has a strong will to fight, often cancer than those who have been intimidated by better patient treatment. Similarly, rehabilitation have confidence, enhance morale, the only way to complete recovery. A healthy life if they lose the confidence of people will die, cancer will require more intense than ordinary people desire to live.
Because the high degree of malignancy of gastric cancer, recurrence or metastasis may occur, so in the first 1-2 years should be every 3 months referral review 1, 5-year period about every six months review 1, 5-year review of each subsequent 1 year 1. If the detection of recurrence, early treatment effect is quite good. E gastric cancer patients need to continue chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, adherence to treatment is one of the main measures to prevent recurrence.
Diet "cancer" can also be "cancer." Therefore, gastric cancer patients to ensure adequate nutrition, and more into the anti-cancer diet. Such as eating garlic, consumption of food containing vitamin A, vitamin C rich foods. Select the appropriate exercise, more fresh air to help recovery.
Rehabilitation of social and family can not do without the warmth and support. Mere mention of the last people to talk about cancer, many cancer patients now see the rehabilitation of the fact that the attitude of people has been a significant change. Concern the whole society and the family takes good care of the rehabilitation of patients with gastric cancer is a great encouragement.
Gastric self-care, if the superb modern medicine and advanced medical facilities to the gastric cancer treatment and create a good condition, then the rehabilitation of the secret lies in the personality and beliefs. The so-called personality is the attitude towards the disease. That the future of hopelessness, despair, not actively treated patients, the survival was significantly lower than optimistic about life, treatment of active patients. The so-called faith is to love life, the courage to go on living, treatment and rehabilitation of perseverance. Gastric cancer patients with a strong personality and confidence to recover.

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