Self-care cervical cancer

By | April 11, 2012

Cervical cancer is the most common female genital malignancy, accounting for more than half of female genital malignancies, serious threat to women's lives and health. Cervical cancer occurred in women over 40 years of age. Etiology of this disease is not entirely clear, although it was considered early marriage, early motherhood, fertility, cervix Lian rotten, cervical laceration, too frequent sexual intercourse, smegma and mental stimulation and other factors.
Frail cancer patients, if the fresh chili, ginger, onion, garlic, wine, strong irritant diet, can stimulate cancer cells, thereby increasing the disease. If the diet lacks nutrients, the body can not get enough nutrients, immune dysfunction, it is easy to make cancer worse. In order to prevent cervical cancer, or increase, the following should be taboo foods are carcinogenic: moldy rotten food; containing preservatives, colors, sweeteners, flavors and other food; charred charring meat; too cold too hot diet.
Early cervical cancer generally had little effect on the digestive tract, cancer of the self-care as possible to supply nutrients, protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, etc., can reasonably eat. It should be taboo fatty, spicy, oil grill fried food, and raw wet, phlegm, heat, prone to cause bleeding in the food.
Advanced cervical cancer patients often have abdominal pain or back pain offer, affect appetite, such as oppression or violation of the rectum, there may be constipation, tenesmus, solutions quarter of the digestive tract accounted for the performance of Chung and bloody stool. This time, the importance of diet to restore, should use nutritious, easily digestible, fresh thin soft foods. Such as pork, liver, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, soy products, vegetables, spinach, lotus root, dried longan meat, Sang grass, mushrooms and so on.
Watery vaginal discharge patients more time, not eat raw fruits, cold and hard and difficult to digest food, should be advised to nourish. Such as turtle, pigeon, chicken and so on. If taken off the many and sticky, smelly gas ignorant timely eat light, avoid AIDS greasy.
Patients with vaginal bleeding for a long time, should eat some with the blood, stop bleeding, anti-cancer effects of foods such as lotus root, hawthorn, black fungus, ebony and so on.
Cervical cancer patients after surgery, major blood injury, cervical cancer should be based on self-care blood meal for the direct benefit.
Cervical cancer chemotherapy, due to the role of drugs, there gastrointestinal reactions, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, should a food processor, spleen and stomach, such as ginger, ebony, gold and other conditions; bone marrow suppression by there may be white blood cells, platelets decreased to affect the continuation of chemotherapy, should be accompanied by qi and blood, kidney spermatogenic food processor, such as yam, longan, Sang Lin, liver, turtle, animal skin glue.
Radiotherapy of cervical cancer patients, the role of the ray, gastrointestinal symptoms can also occur in patients and bone marrow suppression, diet to increase the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and blood, kidney and marrow of the food. If there is radiation cystitis and radiation proctitis should be given with the heat and dampness, Yin and detoxification of food, such as watermelon, red bean, lotus root, spinach, water chestnut, etc. Xin. Not eat crude fiber foods, such as bamboo shoots, leeks, cabbage, as well as fried, grilled, spicy, do not digest food absorption.

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