The geographical distribution of cancer

By | April 11, 2012

It has long been found in different countries and regions, the cancer incidence of disease and very different. Below we describe several common cancers in different countries and regions of the geographical distribution of cancer cases.
First, the nasopharyngeal
In most of the world, is a lower incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer, usually less than 1 / 10 million. But China's southern provinces, the annual incidence rate of nasopharyngeal 18-20/10 million, while in China's central and northern regions of only 1-2/10 million.
Second, esophageal cancer
Esophageal cancer in men in most parts of the world the incidence rate of 3 / 10 million people, a female 2 / 10 million. Gong Bate region in northern Iran, the incidence rate as high as 170/10 million women; in Utah, in women the incidence rate was 0.4/10 million. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and other countries, the incidence of esophageal cancer as high as 40/10 million or more, forming a so-called Asian esophageal cancer belt high.
Third, gastric cancer
Incidence of gastric cancer varies widely between countries. Asia, the incidence of gastric cancer in Japan 90/10 million men, women 45/10 million. Male stomach cancer mortality in Chile in South America for the 49/10 million, Colombia 44/10 million. Most of the countries located in continental Europe the incidence of gastric cancer is the middle level, low incidence of gastric cancer in the United States, about 10/10 million. Lower in some countries in Africa such as Zimbabwe 12/10 million, Nigeria is 7 / 10 million.
IV colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer seems to tend to be concentrated in developed countries or regions, such as the United States, the incidence rate in Connecticut 30/10 million. Most parts of Canada and the Nordic countries, the incidence of the middle, around 15/10 million, while India, Latin American countries in the 10/10 million or less.
V, liver
Primary hepatocellular type of liver cancer incidence rate is another area with very obvious characteristic of cancer. Very high incidence of sub-Sahara Africa region and the Far East. The highest incidence of liver cancer seen in black male 98/10 million in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, 64/10 million. Far East Shanghai, China 31/10 million Chinese in Singapore 34/10 million, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines also prone areas. In most parts of the world's liver cancer was less than 10/10 million.
VI, lung cancer
The incidence of lung cancer there is a huge international differences. Million for the 89/10 Liverpool, London City, the southern 78/10 million African Americans, most of North America and many European countries, incidence 50-60/10 million. Japan, Israel and South America, the incidence of middle and so on, about 20/10 million. Found in the lowest incidence of 14/10 million rural Norway, India and Nigeria 0.8/10 13/10 million million.
Geographical distribution of cancer, seven breast cancer
The incidence of female breast cancer have very large geographical differences in most Asian countries are rare. North America and most European countries are the most common cancer in women. State of very low incidence of male breast cancer accounts for about 1%, and the great geographical differences. The highest incidence of breast cancer found in Hawaii 80/10 million whites, blacks the lowest, 5 / 10 million.

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