Family treatment of patients with cancer pain

By | October 18, 2011

On the basis of the treatment of cancer pain, to establish a good atmosphere in the family, take the psychological and physical therapy and other relatively easy way to ease the psychological pressure, not only to overcome the disease in patients with increased confidence, but also enhance the joy of life, families dealing with cancer pain are as follows:
Family treatment of cancer pain patients (1) psychological suggestion
This method is mainly to overcome the disease is to enhance the patient's own confidence. Can be combined with various types of cancer treatment, suggesting that patients how to self-regulation, to tell them how to cooperate with the treatment we will be able to overcome the disease, to enhance the lives of courage, seriously eat three meals a day and the rehabilitation necessary to fully mobilize their own the ability to destroy cancer cells the maximum to achieve moderate pain relax the abdominal muscles, back muscles, do slow abdominal breathing, or call patients close their eyes in the quiet environment of deep and slow breathing and breath, fresh air into the lungs to achieve the purpose of relaxation and pain relief.
Family treatment of cancer pain patients (2) physical methods
Pain by stimulating the surrounding skin or pain corresponding to the purpose of the healthy side. Stimulation can be massage, coated cool pain killers, but also can be used to stimulate a variety of temperature, or hot water bottle on the local hot wet towels to do, the pain can be achieved certain results.
Family treatment of cancer pain patients (3) to divert attention
Can enable patients to sit in a comfortable chair, close my eyes and remember the joy of his childhood interesting, or want to think about anything they wish. Usually after eating: can also be based on the patient's preferences, choose to put some cheerful tone of the music side of the patient while listening to do with the rhythm of tapping, clapping and other movements; also allows patients with cancer pain than medication treatment other than such as look at some jokes, humorous stories, Xin a comic dialogue. These can achieve psychological shift.

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