What is cancer rehabilitation, including

By | October 18, 2011

Once diagnosed cancer patients to enter the treatment phase, throughout the entire treatment phase through the rehabilitation of the content, then rehabilitation is mean? People may simply think that to rest at home, forging out an appropriate means of rehabilitation and recuperation is, in fact, this is only one small part of the actual meaning of rehabilitation is very abundant.
Cancer Rehabilitation classics include the following:
(1) It is the use of medical rehabilitation of various medical instruments to promote rehabilitation;
Cancer rehabilitation, including (2) education is through the special education rehabilitation and training for promotion;
(3) vocational rehabilitation it is through career counseling, training, ability to resume business, obtain employment opportunities.
(4) social rehabilitation in the community level is to take various measures, so that people with disabilities to obtain employment.
The purpose of rehabilitation, including cancer, which is to try to discover the difficulties inherent in the people, and may provide ways to resolve these difficulties, help and treatment for the disease itself inconvenience caused a variety of symptoms, the patients maximize their functional recovery, improve quality of life.
Rehabilitation treatment in hospital is just one part of the point of view from the hospital, rehabilitation of cancer patients participate in the staff should include: medical oncologists, nurses, radiation therapists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, clinical nutritionists, social workers, mental or psychological physician personnel.

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