Early symptoms of pancreatic cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Early symptoms of pancreatic cancer, when we ask ourselves this question, must be very scared and reluctant. But people have to face reality and face reality, not escape. When we appear likely to occur in vivo adenocarcinoma of the symptoms of film , it is necessary to improve police Ae, and quickly go to the hospital diagnosis, as the case for further measures, let's talk about some of the early film adenocarcinoma typical example:
First, the need to guard against the symptoms of
1. Has recently lost a lot, poor appetite, but also tired of the oil
For a people, eat well, work less, do not mind, then he easier to gain weight, and now regardless of children, young people, old people, there are many fat; In addition, if malnutrition, hard work, psychological stress, then people are likely to lose weight, this is a common sense. Therefore, in the person's life, sometimes a number of fat, sometimes thinner is perfectly normal, even in the year, winter and spring season a number of body fat, while the summer season, thinner body, this is normal, because the summer and autumn weather heat, work more, sweat more, large consumption ah.
Because the pancreas is to the food we eat into nutrients into the machine Yeah, if the machine is suffering from cancer, then it does not work, the patient can not eat things that will translate into a nutrient. Therefore, the membrane cancer patients do not like to eat greasy food because most can not digest, it was the least favorite. Lack of nutrients the body, as if there is no water the crops, like naturally thin withered, while the car is not fuel is not open, people lack nutritional support, also do not have the strength to work, this is the same reason . So, if the recent period of time to the unexplained weight loss, poor appetite, anorexia greasy food, then have to consider the possibility of adenocarcinoma of the film.
But there is a case to be noticed. Recently, Hong nothing to eat, eat a little something to eat, especially disgusted greasy food, smell the smell of oil on the sick, were boring, and people seem to lean his weight has dropped, and dropped off more to reach 10% of original body weight. For example, the original 100-pound man, now 90. July razed a typical example of a weight loss adenocarcinoma of pounds, but recently did not work hard, work hard ah. This time, you have to think about, is not too adenocarcinoma of the film.
2. Xinwo long packets under
When you hit the pit of the stomach had a mass the next time, it must have to go to a hospital. Although the heart is not necessarily under the long packets are malignant tumors, because many benign lesions can also occur in the abdominal mass, such as a long abdominal wall lipoma (benign), abdominal swelling services, pancreatic cyst. However, if the mass surface feels smooth, bumpy, and the texture is very hard, can not move up and down left and right, with the beat there is pain, which would be considered a malignant tumor. At this time, go to the hospital is your only choice. Advanced adenocarcinoma of the film can reach the upper abdomen, so long a package under the pit of the stomach may be the film prompted adenocarcinoma.
3. Upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain
When you see the phrase "upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain," the film is when the symptoms of cancer, perhaps gasped: Because you may often have upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain is the phenomenon, can stomach long adenocarcinoma of the membrane? Indeed, upper abdominal discomfort this situation all too common, because many people will suffer from gastritis, gastric ulcer room, duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, gallstones and other common diseases, these diseases will upper abdominal discomfort and sometimes pain. But these "upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain" is not the same. Stomach, duodenum, gallbladder disease (excluding cancer) General and diet-related, such as eating irritating.
The performance of eleven typical pancreatic pain foods, such as: pepper, wine, greasy food, will increase, and by the anti-inflammatory, anti-acid and other symptoms can be alleviated after treatment, and often recurrent, so the expression of pain and pain relief Chronic repeated process.
And you need to pay attention to the "upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain" means continuous upper abdominal discomfort, usually in the upper abdomen, right upper quadrant, sometimes expressed as paroxysmal pain and back pain often implicated in waist, back or right shoulder department, the chest, the pain can not be anti-acid and anti-bacterial drug mitigation, general treatment ineffective. At this time, you have to consider the possibility of adenocarcinoma of the film. So not all "upper abdominal discomfort, sometimes pain," are films adenocarcinoma. Adenocarcinoma of the film has some abdominal pain is characterized.
4. Yellowing of the eyes and body, especially the other buildings urine
In fact, the average person knows that all eyes and yellow skin, body, and also into a deep yellow urine, it is called Yellow Fever. The blast of a yellow see it, is certainly hepatitis, and either the liver cirrhosis, because of this, no one knows, no one ever seen. But you know, there will be yellow membrane disease adenocarcinoma of the performance, but also one of the manifestations of late. Well, this is why?
Because bile is a yellow-green, and is produced by the liver, and then flow to the intestines through the bile duct, bile in the intestine mixed with stool stool to turn yellow, and normal servant would not have yellow plague. As hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver when the liver can not be discharged to the production of bile, only went to the blood flow. We know that the skin, eyes and tiny blood vessels are all adopted, then the bile in the blood to the skin, eyes, the combination of a protein to the skin and eyes become yellow. The bile is excreted from the urine, it becomes yellow and the urine.
Patients with adenocarcinoma of the yellow film is due to pancreatic disease and biliary openings together stay together, so when pancreatic cancers of the time, enlargement of the biliary tract and pancreas Aikuai opening blocked, then the bile on the row Less than gut, and not stuck in together, ah, go to the blood flow, so the disease also appear yellow. Since there is no bile in the intestines stool is not yellow, while the present gray. So when the body when the disease appears yellow, but also consider the film adenocarcinoma.
It should be clear about, unexplained weight loss, abdominal discomfort, reaching mass and incidence of yellow symptoms, and sometimes there is only one, sometimes several together there, not really. However, these symptoms can appear later.
Second, the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer, how to detect early pancreatic cancer
Advanced adenocarcinoma of the film will spread to surrounding organs, such as biliary tract, intestines, stomach, blood vessels and around the liver, is difficult to excision, treatment is difficult. Therefore, a very short survival of patients with an average of 6 months. Therefore, we must emphasize early detection of adenocarcinoma film, early treatment, because the cancer has not spread early films, to surgery, cancer treatment on the membrane which is crucial. So, how can early detection of adenocarcinoma film? Here we talk about the issues.
1. Regular health checks
Through the above analysis, we already know that Mo is not obvious clinical manifestations of early cancer is not easy to arouse people's vigilance and early detection. But was able to find with the B-1 cm adenocarcinoma of the early films, and if this time the film adenocarcinoma of about 2 cm in diameter confined to J then it inside the membrane gland, as long as timely treatment can achieve clinical cure. Then rely on it? Is by periodic medical examinations. General physical examination once six months early detection of cancer of the membrane.
Early symptoms of pan
creatic cancer
2. Film early signs of cancer
Ambiguous, he could not feel uncomfortable position, because this feeling is not clear. Such as: and eat chili, drink, hunger has nothing to do. And this uncomfortable feeling is continuing uninterrupted, and will gradually increase the pain became faint, implicated in the back of the waist, back, sometimes accompanied by weight loss, physical fatigue, weakness, or of diabetes. This is an early manifestation of adenocarcinoma of the film. This occurs to the hospital to be checked.

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