Dietary treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Dietary treatment of pancreatic cancer, the saying goes, "Food", the film cancer patients, diet is not just enough food and clothing, providing nutrition problems, it is also an integral part of comprehensive treatment of a link.
1. Mouth disease in pancreatic cancer patients
As the saying goes "sick from the mouth", so manage your mouth is the first step in treatment. Been shown to have some carcinogenic effect of food, such as food lipid systems, such as salted fish, bacon, fat dishes; smoked foods such as ham, sausage, bacon, chicken and other moldy food, moldy and spoiled food sauerkraut , fat-rich foods, alcoholic beverages and a variety of rich flavors, food additives such as saccharin, to the food we should be at arm's length.
2. Ate patients with pancreatic cancer
Integrative Medicine from the point of view, there are some foods and prevention of tumors, such as mushrooms, konjac, fungus, black fungus and other material containing polysaccharides, inhibit tumor effect; carrots, cabbage and other trace elements contained enhance macrophage phagocytosis ability, is conducive to kill cancer cells; green vegetables contain vitamin C and garlic, onions, etc. The volatile oil contains nitrates inhibit or block into Nitrosamine plastic; high fat diet may cause membrane adenocarcinoma, The celery high fiber foods can eliminate the dangers of fat. Green vegetables and fruits have a protective effect on the pancreas.
3. Pancreatic cancer patients to receive adequate nutrition and reasonable
Film adenocarcinoma patients with easily digestible food, nutritious, light is appropriate, but the bland diet alone can not make up for deficits in patients with adenocarcinoma of the consumption of film. Than healthy people that they need to increase about 20% protein and calories, which requires into the meat, milk, eggs, high-nutrition food, at the same time was careful to avoid Hunxing greasy. In the specific arrangements to the attention of:
(1) reduce or eliminate the fear of cancer patients, we should do everything possible to increase the patient's appetite, frequent replacement of food species, with attention to color, flavor dishes;
(2) let the patient have adequate protein intake, often to eat some lean pork, beef, meat or poultry, and milk bribe, eggs, salted duck eggs and other dairy products;
(3) avoid eating non-digestible food, should eat boiling, stewing, steaming and other digestible foods, eat less fried food;
(4) eat vitamin-rich vegetables, fruits and other foods that will help fight against cancer.
(5) the proper use of Chinese dietary therapy: after radiation therapy tend to have dry mouth, red tongue, little coating performance Hao Shang and other body fluid, can eat some of the Ganliang YangYinShengJin foods such as Ouzhi, pear, watermelon, green bean soup etc.; decreased immune function of patients during chemotherapy, leukopenia, loss of appetite, to eat pig's trotters, pork ribs soup, beef, and other white blood cells help to improve food and hawthorn, radish, and other food appetizers spleen; disease after surgery Popularity of blood deficiency, can eat yams, red dates, longan, lotus seeds, replenishing qi and blood to help recovery.
4. The principles of nutritional therapy of pancreatic cancer
Proper nutrition therapy can improve the nutritional status of patients, so that the patient's immunity, anti-cancer capacity enhancement and quality of life, but also improve the surgical treatment of cancer patients, radiotherapy, chemotherapy tolerance, reduce its side effects, reduce or to avoid infection after the operation.
(1) food choices vary for the patient to eat, according to its physical condition, nutritional status, food itself is ignorant of the four gas and go through five, day climate, geography, and other lifestyle changes, the implementation of "dialectical chooser "Fresh elections should illness vary with diet, vary, vary, vary by season, because treatment varies. Generally divided into two dietary proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy categories. Proteins including pork, beef, mutton, fish, poultry, beans and soy products category, regardless of animal protein or vegetable protein, mainly to provide protein and B vitamins and trace elements, such as special, drying and calcium. Means the staple cereal, that is rice, bread, noodles, porridge, bread, etc., they mainly provide carbohydrates, vitamin B group, iron, are essential human nutrients. Fruits and vegetables can supply vitamins and minerals, and most of the alkaline environment for maintaining the human body play a supporting role in acid-base balance. Categories such as dairy milk, goat's milk, condensed milk, yogurt, milk enzymes, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and the main source of calcium.
(2) radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dietary nutrition of patients in the treatment of patients during radiotherapy is often dry mouth, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, can be semi-liquid diet, the staple food such as rice, red dates, porridge, bread, ravioli, noodles, etc., with the nutrient-rich meat, fish, eggs, beans, vegetables a day, 1-2 times snacks available, such as milk, red eggs, spinach, minced meat patches, lotus root starch, jelly soup. Chemotherapy in patients prone to gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some have liver and kidney dysfunction, semi-liquid diet can be a small residue can also be coupled with nutrient-rich staple food, do not eat sweets, contain too much greasy, fatty and fried foods, cooking, put less seasoning, between meals, drink some cool beverages and nutritious food to try to warm but not hot. If accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal prone to avoid eating food cramps or flatulence, diarrhea, severe cases can eat food with high bait, such as potatoes, apricots.
(3) diet before and after surgery preoperative period, patients should enhance nutrition, increase physical fitness, prepare for the surgery. Routine fasting 12 hours before surgery, 4-6 hours of water deprivation before surgery, to keep the stomach empty, or anesthesia cause vomiting, severe cases can be life threatening, can cause flatulence gastrointestinal tract after surgery. Food choices after surgery according to functional recovery of patients with gastrointestinal situation, the first use of liquid such as milk, fruit juice, sugar, and gradually transition to the semi-liquid, soft food and general food, dietary ratio of various nutrients from the simple gradual transition to full.
Dietary treatment of pancreatic cancer 5. Introduce several therapeutic side
(1) turtle shell black date Pill: several pieces of turtle shell, black date amount of meat. Sunburn yellow turtle shell into the end of study, Diospyros lotus meat mashed, made of a mixture of both pills Serve. 1 day, 10 grams, with warm water, the stomach has a role in Yin.
(2) short Dougu jujube meat soup: light Peas sticks, 50 grams of lean meat, red dates 7, 9 bowls of water. Dougu the light, lean meat, fried red dates into the water after 6 hours left a bowl mold. 1 day, each one can be connected for 3 months, with heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation effect. Life is movement that we all know the truth, the membrane cancer patients should also be an appropriate exercise.
(3) Lithospermum fried: 30 grams of basil roots. Serve the fried basil roots. 1 day, this diet detoxification, cooling.
(4) chestnut cake: Chestnut 500 grams, 250 grams of sugar. chestnut put the pot boiling for 30 minutes, cooled, peeled and steamed into the bowl for 30 minutes, vigorous pressure mix well after adding sugar into mashed. then plastic cover for the mold, the chestnut filling pressed into mud mud pie Serve. Continuous take, with stomach, kidney and so on.
(5) arrested Sang Ju Si-drink: mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, son arrested worship of 9 grams, 6 grams of cassia. The above four herbs can be cooked with water. Behalf of the tea, continuous take, with Qinggan Xiehuo rol

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