Early signs of oral cancer

By | April 14, 2012

Oral cancer refers to cancer in the oral cavity. Oral cancer in human cancer in a certain proportion, and generally short duration, rapid development, highly malignant great harm to the people.
The clinical manifestations of early oral cancer is mainly:
Ulcerative collapse one by one in the oral mucosa swing, swing by the general treatment of oral ulcer long-term diseases, let alone self-healing, mucosa pale and dull.
Proliferation of type I – in proliferative lesions of oral mucosa, a nipple-like protrusions or granular granulation tissue.
Infiltrating eleven mucosal surface was normal looking, but local pain, and found for the local submucosal touch stiff and tender.
Other times one by one the mouth Unexplained bleeding, saliva secretion, flow Festival, numbness or pain in the mouth or throat: loose teeth, malocclusions: Tongue movement is not flexible, the language is unclear, pain when swallowing; maxillofacial appear mass and so on.
Early signs of oral cancer, if found out that the situation should be promptly checked into the hospital dental specialist, if necessary, for biopsy, for oral cancer early detection and early treatment.

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