Early manifestation of carcinoma of the penis

By | April 13, 2012

Carcinoma of the penis is long in a malignant cancer of the penis, which was originally covered in the foreskin of the penis head appears sclerosis, sensory irritation, tearing pain, after the outflow of blood and from the mouth secretions of the foreskin, and soon appeared in the foreskin cauliflower tumor the tumor continued to expand, can penetrate the foreskin, the tumor was completely exposed, evil smell. When widespread metastatic tumors, can anemia, weight loss and other symptoms, resulting in adverse consequences.
Early detection of carcinoma of the penis, the major should note the following signals:
Early manifestation of carcinoma of the penis, one by one under the glans, or foreskin Coronal endometrial Department erythema, nodules or masses:
A – mass continues to increase within the foreskin, and then out ulceration phimosis, the foreskin of the skin:
A – mass within the inner foreskin sponge erosion;
Eleven mass gradually from the glans penis development;
One by one mass to the abdominal lymph node metastasis ditch.

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