Early manifestation of vulvar cancer

By | April 13, 2012

Early manifestation of vulvar cancer, vulvar cancer is not only slow growth of women, and mostly for the precancerous lesions, have some relevant knowledge, often to do some self-examination can help the discovery of vulvar cancer.
Early detection of vulvar cancer, the main should be noted:
Early manifestation of vulvar cancer, with or without white spots one by one whether the vulva and anus white spot, especially the kind of wrinkled skin thickening, beginning as a red, white after the gray, is the Pre-cancerous lesions. But he needs to be distinguished from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a pink stain, and the skin shiny, hypopigmentation only, no other abnormalities.
With or without nodules eleven regular touch their labia majora, the clitoris and other parts have little nodules, if there is painless nodules, should be alert to the possibility of vulvar cancer.
With or without itching eleven – genital itching is a pathological phenomenon, for many reasons, such as trichomonas vaginitis, candida vaginitis, crabs and so on. If by ordinary treatment fails, but can not find the cause of severe intractable genital odd weary, they should consider the possibility of cancer.
Early manifestation of vulvar cancer, if the above three, there is a change in time to the hospital for detailed examination: If the three-exist, the possibility of vulvar cancer is relatively big

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