Early signs of leukemia in children

By | April 13, 2012

Early signs of leukemia in children, data show that incidence of childhood leukemia each year 15,000 cases of the disease to become one of the leading causes of death of children. With the advances of modern medicine, childhood leukemia has not incurable. 5-year remission rate of the disease has reached about 70% domestic. Therefore, in children with leukemia, so long as to make early diagnosis, to impose a regular combination therapy, most patients are expected to be cured.
Early signs of leukemia in children, like the early detection of childhood leukemia, we must understand their symptoms and signs. Early childhood acute leukemia can often see the following performance:
(I) one by one pale anemia is the most common manifestation of many children of the original in a few weeks gradually lost their ruddy complexion, accompanied by oral mucosa and nail bed of pale.
(2) bleeding eleven if nasal, oral, gum bleeding, etc., can also be localized or systemic hemorrhagic skin spots marks, Liao points. Bleeding may be spontaneous, traumatic, etc. may also be an incentive.
(3) fever over eleven caused by a secondary infection, heat can be high or low, can be associated with symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal tract infections, and sometimes may not find the infected lesions.
(4) bone marrow pain – an infiltration of the malignant cells, can cause bone pain. Sternum, long bone and joint pain are common sites. Which was misdiagnosed as "arthritis" a large number of patients.
(5) surface mass one by one – on both sides of the neck, groin, axillary lymph nodes, etc. are important signs of leukemia. Many children are found in the bath while the part of mass treatment. Sizes of these lymph nodes, small, like peanuts, like a large pigeon, or even like egg size, hard, and some arranged in clusters, tenderness not obvious, this helps to distinguish acute inflammation .
(6), hepatosplenomegaly eleven children with liver and spleen enlargement, texture and more rigid, the boundary often clearer.
(7) abnormal blood hemoglobin eleven children often less than 9 grams, often less than 100,000 platelets, white blood cells increased the total number of common, and the emergence of abnormal cell proportion and shape, there are immature cells appear.
Early manifestation of leukemia in children, in addition, may also occur in children with meningeal leukemia, testicular and other organs infiltration, appears similar to meningitis, orchitis symptoms, need cause alarm. Once the above signs in children, we must promptly to the hospital for a comprehensive and detailed examination for the early diagnosis is suffering from leukemia.

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