Early manifestation of tongue cancer

By | April 14, 2012

Early manifestation of tongue cancer, tongue cancer is higher incidence of cancer in recent years to increase the incidence of tongue cancer to 40 to 60 years are most welcome, is not uncommon for young people suffering from tongue cancer. Tongue cancer occurred in the tongue the first 2 / 3 of the edge or below the tongue, especially the site of frequent contact with teeth. The tongue is rich in blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, lymphatic Book tongue or blood to nearby lymph node metastasis, prognosis and fast, short course.
Limitations of early tongue cancer lesion, manifested as induration or small mucosal erosion, and more without obvious symptoms, may have slight pain, it may not hurt, easily overlooked. When the lesion gradually expanded to the surrounding tissue deep, its edge appeared slightly elevated central area of the ulcer, speak and eat cause severe pain and bleeding. When the cancer spread widely genioglossus, the tongue can exercise is limited, patients with unclear speech, eating and swallowing difficulties, saliva outflow of other symptoms.
Tongue performance is often a fixed part of the mucous membranes in the occurrence of erosion, ulcer, the base hard, and "lit", "long aphthous" is in different parts of the tongue and mouth alternating dim rotten, ulcer, base is not hard, and in a short time to heal. Therefore, if a part of recurrent oral ulcer, can not easily considered to be "angry" or "long ulcer", and do not clean yourself to some gunpowder or some medicine that is needed topical, and should be timely to find dentists Check, if necessary, biopsy needs to be done, in general, with timely treatment, most tongue can detect, such as the timely re-treatment, the prognosis is quite good. According to the data, an average of 5 years after treatment of tongue cancer survival rate was 30%.
Currently, the incidence of tongue cancer is not very clear reasons, which may be alcohol and tobacco habits, and root (ie, root rot), residual crown, sharp pointed teeth or poor restoration of chronic stimulation. Therefore, when the following conditions occur, should be vigilant, seek medical advice as soon as possible:
Early signs of tongue cancer (1) any part of the tongue frequently fixed or ulcerative mucosal erosion and permanently, regardless of whether local pain, treatment should be promptly
(2) asymptomatic erythema occurred, it is timely for the biopsy. As it can be an early manifestation of tongue cancer. For white patients, should be closely observed, if it is found the rapid expansion of white, thickened, more crack, ulceration, or pain, the need for timely medical treatment, early work, such as biopsy, to rule out whether the cancer.
(3) must promptly remove the mouth of the residual roots and residual teeth. Some people think that "bad teeth, not pain, without prejudice to eat and speak, if the removal will result in a loosening of adjacent teeth. This perception is wrong, because the residual roots and residual teeth was tongue cancer hazard. In the event of cancer, you will lose it. Therefore, you should promptly remove the root, or repair of residual crown and sharp cusp.

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