Early signs of cancer

By | December 1, 2011

Gastric No obvious early symptoms of gastric function and whole body when the state gradually changed to a certain extent when there symptoms. Symptom onset occult, hidden, at the time, as indicated in abdominal pain, pain, dull, heavy feeling. A small number of gastric ulcer may have ulcer-like symptoms, pain was rhythmic, and acid reflux, nausea, loss of appetite, medical treatment can temporarily alleviate symptoms. Some patients with gastric cancer and some benign disease or coexistence on the basis of some benign diseases (such as peptic ulcer, chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric polyp, etc.) to cancer. The symptoms of benign chronic stomach diseases, recurrent, so that patients and doctors more likely to guard against cancer, delay in diagnosis.Early gastric cancer have a lot of signs, mainly as follows:
Early signs of cancer (1) loss of appetite, acid reflux, belching, indigestion: Usually not find incentives to performance as poor appetite, and then on their favorite food is no interest, in particular, dislike of meat or greasy food, after the effect of replacement recipes still poor, or, though improved, and loss of appetite, sometimes accompanied by acid reflux, belching, or dyspepsia, 68% of these manifestations. In connection with gastritis, peptic ulcer symptoms are similar to the easily overlooked.
Early signs of cancer (2), unexplained fatigue, weight loss or anemia: Patients often feel malaise, weight decreased, 2 to 3 months 3 to 5 pounds can be reduced.
(3), upper abdominal distention: There is an indefinable sense of fuzzy-like Fullness, often no obvious incentive, and more when in a quiet, activity, mental dispersed disappeared, dietary modification is ineffective. 74% of the patients had this symptom.
Early signs of cancer (4), upper abdominal pain: the beginning of intermittent pain, followed by more severe and lasting. Although the pain tolerable, but not easy or short-term remission after remission occurs.
(5) positive fecal occult blood or black stools: occult blood-positive, is the more common symptoms of gastric cancer. In early gastric cancer accounted for 50% to 65%.
(6), chronic stomach pain in the original rule change: as previously empty abdominal pain or pain after eating, clear laws, regularity recently disappeared, or the original effective drug treatment is ineffective.
Early signs of cancer (7) signs of early gastric cancer: often no obvious symptoms, most patients have only mild abdominal tenderness or deep muscle tension and enhance the feeling.

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