Diet treatment of constipation

By | March 25, 2012

Diet treatment of constipation, consumption of garlic and do the dishes
Garlic contains a strong odor of the ingredients, composition and vitamin combination that produces the substances can promote bowel movement, adjust the movement of intestinal smooth muscle, and promote intestinal peristalsis, constipation will have good effect. Especially the garlic can increase intestinal beneficial bacteria, lactic acid and acetic acid will stimulate the intestinal tract, promote intestinal peristalsis, and the effect is obvious. But eating too much garlic is harmful to profits. In general, the daily consumption of 1-2 bands (about 5g / d) is sufficient. The stomach and the elderly poor as not to eat raw garlic, you can put garlic on the menu, one can mention ignorance, the second to increase the appetite, the three can be treated constipation. Garlic can also be made fat.
Intended to put the rice or porridge, rice consumption: Italian rice contains a variety of proteins, nutritional balance, regulating the body's metabolism is very effective, but also to improve physical fitness, beautiful skin, diuresis, relieve constipation and other anti-cancer effect. For the constipation, in order to more intake of plant fiber, it is best placed to Italian rice mixed rice and porridge eating, so better. To prevent constipation also means rice tea drinking. Walnut 60g, black sesame seeds 30g, were broken. Morning and at night a spoonful of warm water, the elderly constipation for taking effective. Banana 25, rock sugar 30g, a total of soup of water, 1 / d, and even served a week, it lasts for habitual constipation.
Diet treatment of constipation, or by about the end of the treatment of constipation Jiantang
1) The set of leaves or decoction to drink Lo: The most simple and effective method is to direct consumption of fresh leaves of Lo, people afraid of pain it can be ground into juice, diluted with water for drinking, 2 times / d. Riga juice or honey reed sets, and then diluted with water to drink. Lu sets do not like the smell of people, you can also drink decoction Lo sets (cut sets Lu 0.5cm to the film, into the pot, add water or cover over Lo, began with the fire, boil over low heat and cook for 20 after minutes, after drinking with a cloth filter.) Some people can drink juice Lo Kam sets diarrhea occurs, so when you start taking the amount is less, then gradually find their own content.
2) diet treatment of constipation, drink Eucommia: Eucommia is blindly Chinese medicine, in the "Shen Nong's ability through" and "Compendium of Materia Medica" have recorded their unique efficacy. Its role: a stable blood pressure, relieve constipation, diuretic effect, but also lowering blood pressure, anti-aging and weight loss and restore liver function and other effects. Pharmacies to buy the mostly bark, its leaves with the same effect, you can take to buy Eucommia (Eucommia contain dietary fiber, bait, calcium, iron and other ingredients), such as for use in dry Eucommia leaves, cook the ingredients cook until future generations can be thirsty after a meal or tea.

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