The general treatment of habitual constipation

By | March 25, 2012

According to order the examination, diagnosis lead to disease and illness after the secret, before the specified treatment of constipation. For organic constipation, we must first study the surgical treatment (intestinal surgery) the need, if the constipation is due to intestinal cancer, especially malignancy, a surgical treatment is preferred.
If the patient inoperable for various reasons, for radiotherapy or chemotherapy and herbal therapy.
Habitual constipation in the general therapy (1) Self-massage: before the morning and evening before going to bed at all to do a self-clearance, can enhance bowel movements and promote bowel movements. As follows: refers to the rubbing in the hospital (located between the xiphoid and umbilical under): Point right middle finger firmly placed in the hospital, the rest that are covered in the abdomen, and then clockwise Roudong 30 times / 1 min.
Rouan Tianshu (both sides of the finger in the navel): both hands were placed around the middle finger seems to point days, a little harder, I mean cover in the abdomen, there is about 50 times the outside in massage.
Moroccan belly navel rubbing: the right palm placed on the navel, the right palm at the right hand back) are about 30 times Roudong needle, forced a little light.
The general treatment of habitual constipation (2) traditional Chinese medicine treatment of constipation: If using the above method does not solve the constipation, but with traditional Chinese medicine can be unilateral. Rhubarb, open blisters clothes, day 1, purge date. Plot for stomach heat, air-poor of constipation.
Senna 3 – 5 ravioli, served boiling hot, on behalf of the tea used, purge date.
Shouwu 30–6 ravioli, Jian Zhi, honey 50g, stir well after oral administration, 1 day, Yin and Blood deficiency in the elderly for health care and prevention of constipation.
The general treatment of habitual constipation (3) Chinese Herbs: If the application is still not satisfied with unilateral treatment, the treatment can be applied to traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions.

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