Diet nursing patients with gastric cancer

By | May 7, 2012

Diet care patients with gastric cancer, gastric cancer during treatment for the disease status of the rehabilitation diet is very important. Therefore, patients with a reasonable diet can be adjusted gastric cancer an important part of treatment.
Diet nursing patients with gastric cancer (a) the treatment of gastric cancer diet nursing
Surgery is an invasive treatment, the body tissue from trauma to healing requires adequate nutrition. Therefore, after surgery should be the full complement of calories, protein and vitamins.
Mainly the digestive tract during chemotherapy response and bone marrow suppression, it can be transferred into the spleen and nourishing the liver and kidney supplement products, such as Huang Jing, Chinese yam, Coix, wolfberry fruit, Polygonum, jujube, ginger and other drugs both edible , as well as eggs, lean meat, animal bone marrow, royal jelly, human placenta, lamb and the like.
During radiotherapy mainly overcast hot Poison performance, can be biased towards eating pear. The cachexia appeared earlier, is obviously inadequate nutrition of patients, paying particular attention to the basic nutrients of protein supplement. Hypoproteinemia occurs after surgery the patient wound healing, gastrointestinal fistula, abdominal infection and other complications, so the protein supplement is especially important. If the patient can accept solid food may be given high-protein, high carbohydrate, low-fat diet, if they can not feed solid food, coupled with liquid, such as oral milk, if necessary by parenteral nutrition therapy.
Diet nursing patients with gastric cancer (b) of gastric cancer diet taboo
Gastric cancer patients should avoid excessive irritation of the food and spices, such as chili, pepper, star anise fennel, cinnamon and the like, quit alcohol, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of cancer patients. To prevent dumping syndrome after gastric cancer, patients should avoid into the milk, sugar and other carbohydrate-based liquid food.

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