Nursing care of cancer before surgery

By | May 7, 2012

Gastric cancer before surgery care (a) preparation before surgery
1. 1 day before surgery into the liquid diet, fasted 12 hours before surgery, water deprivation.
2. Enema 1 night before surgery to avoid intraoperative and postoperative abdominal distention discomfort.
3. Day of surgery, the morning stomach cannula, so to keep the stomach empty to prevent vomiting, anesthesia and surgery, surgical procedures help to reduce intraoperative contamination.
4. Pyloric obstruction of the merger, each night before surgery 3_5 day gastric lavage with warm saline to reduce the gastric mucosal edema, and favor of anastomotic healing.
5. Merge bleeding, rapid preoperative blood transfusion, infusion, to observe the blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and vomiting blood, blood in the stool situation.
6. gastric conventional equipment preparation.
7. Surgical supine position.
8. With general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia.
Gastric cancer before surgery care (b) the general care before surgery
1. To eliminate the fear of patients, to explain the knowledge and treatment of cancer, enhance their confidence in treatment, patients and health care in order to facilitate close cooperation.
2. To improve the nutritional status, given high-protein, high calorie, high vitamin less slag soft diet, semi-liquid or liquid. Correct the electrolyte imbalance. Of severe malnutrition, hypoproteinemia, and anemia, preoperative intravenous supplement of albumin and blood transfusion, if necessary, given TPN.
3. To have pyloric obstruction, the 3rd night of preoperative gastric lavage with warm saline to remove stomach contents, reducing gastric mucosal edema. Severe pyloric obstruction on preoperative 1_3 continuous decompression and gastric lavage with saline, can reduce stomach volume. Place the tube on the morning of surgery, exhausted after the indwelling gastric tube.

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