Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer 1. Cytology pathology – the final word judge
Is the correct diagnosis or a clear diagnosis. Doctors in the medical record reads: Diagnosis: xx disease, it is certainly xxx sick, because diagnosis of the. So what is the diagnosis? Palpable abdominal mass, there are weight loss, yellow disease, abdominal pain can be diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the film? No. Although the symptoms highly suspected membrane adenocarcinoma, but other symptoms of this disease will occur. Such as: the end of cystic duct cancer, it is almost cancer symptoms and the membrane, but the prospect is not exactly the same as the patient, the symptoms to confirm it is not alone. Then the B-, CT can find the presence of membrane adenocarcinoma, and to know whether the violation of other membrane organs cancer, they can diagnose it? Not. Why? Because adenocarcinoma is the film, but also related to a malignant cell classification and the degree of the problem. This is for radiation and chemotherapy is critical. Different types of cancer cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy sensitivity of different, but for biological treatment, it is even more important, they must also know the classification of cancer is adenocarcinoma, ah, or pleomorphic carcinoma, or adenosquamous squamous cell carcinoma, etc.; is ah well differentiated adenocarcinoma or poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. How do you know that? It depends on the pathological diagnosis. Is biopsy, biopsy, this is the most reliable diagnosis can be confirmed.
Having said that above inspection methods, we can not finally diagnosed, can not be used as a basis for treatment, only the results of pathological examination is the final judge and pitch, is the most critical, important, indispensable and inspection, is any of the above examination can not be replaced, the required final. Some people may ask, turn around for a long time, why did not this way? The reason is that this is an invasive examination, a high degree of suspicion if not directly to do this check, patients often will not accept the other if the preparation not sufficient, if malignant, also easily lead to tumor proliferation. Therefore, pathological examination fully prepared before.
Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer 2. Cytology method to obtain
(1) laparotomy
Laparotomy is the belly cut with a knife, it is a surgery. Open to the stomach, with eyes to see, if film adenocarcinoma, put it cut down, and then put under the microscope a closer look, how it was. This can be confirmed in the general population is always fear for the surgery. But at the moment surgery is not a problem to carry out regular hospital, and patients generally do not have any pain, so it should feel relaxed to receive the necessary surgery, do not have concerns, such a mentality is conducive to recovery.
(2) puncture biopsy
We have seen it play well. So, how do know that G must have water? Is very simple, first with the drilling of holes, and if to prove it can play water from the underground water sources. Biopsy is the reason, but with the drill bit is a slender hollow needle. To make this root can accurately puncture needle to the tumor, the doctor select the B-or CT that "perspective eyes" to do guided fine needle into the tumor so that when the time, a small needle into the tumor tissue will be empty core needle inside, and was taken out of the body was. Under a microscope, doctors pathology through a little bit of organization will make a correct diagnosis of the.

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