Staging of pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Staging of pancreatic cancer, in medicine, is measured by stages, early and late is a more popular argument, we all heard it. Stages of tumor disease is a key issue, here we talk about the stages of problem.
1. What is a staging examination
First occurrence of cancer called primary tumor, with T said. The cancer is called metastasis to distant secondary tumors. Primary tumor size and extent of disease, and the next lymph node metastasis through the B-, CT, PET to examine this we have already talked about. And distant metastasis in patients with cancer through a number of related symptoms and examination to determine.
Stage check is by checking to determine the tumor staging. So, How? Related to the early stage tumor the size of the problem, the problem of lymph node metastasis, and distant metastasis of problems, so to determine the stages will answer these three questions.
Such as: transfer to the liver. Can not do B-inspection. Transferred to the lungs, making X-ray film to check. If the pancreatic cancer patients with headache, dizziness, vomiting, then we must wonder whether the transfer to the brain, and brain CT can be clear.
2. What stage of pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer in four, Writing I, II, III, IV Phase, I, II for the early, IV period is late. The earlier stages, the prognosis is better. International stage is based on the results of post-operative pathology and various checks to determine. Of staging the most important factor is the size of the tumor, no lymph node metastasis, the number of metastatic lymph nodes and other organs outside the pancreas does not transfer, such as bone metastasis, liver metastasis, brain metastasis and so on.
You want to know what and stage, but keep in mind these important conditions, tell your doctor specialist treatment will clear your stage. You have to remember your special stage, as each of the treatment principles are different stages is unknown, easy to over-treatment or inadequate treatment. Stages according to what standards we do? An original tumor size, and invasive range, with T, not the primary tumor, that is, no tumor was.
T that pancreatic cancer is relatively small, but hiding inside the pancreas, less than 2 cm in diameter. Said larger T2 tumors, and diameter greater than 2 cm, but still inside the pancreas. T3 tumors, says a little further large and long out of the pancreas, violations of the pancreas next to the organ, such as the duodenum, bile duct had. And T4 tumors to express greater violation of the farther away from the organs of the pancreas, such as the stomach, spleen, colon, and a nearby large blood vessels.
Staging of pancreatic cancer, lymph node metastasis, with N said. No is no regional lymph node metastasis, which is good. NI to have regional lymph node metastasis. That a single regional lymph node Nla, Nib said more regional lymph nodes. There is no transfer to other organs with M said. Mo is not transferred, MI as a transfer. In addition, when the lesion is uncertain respectively Tx, Nx, Mx said. Tis said with primary cancer. The use of TNM staging is indicated by the International Union Against Cancer proposed by the organization. The following is a table that period 0-4.
O of TisNoMo
I on the TI-2NoMo
E of T3 NoMo
E of the TI-3NIMo
IVa of T4 any N, Eo
IVb of any T, any N, MI

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