Check method of pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Method 1 pancreatic cancer examination. Resonance (MRI) do not want to do a biopsy of a patient's other two auxiliary examination
This is another pay check. Indeed, the cell is also more expensive. The role of MRI and CT truth about, that is, one layer at a photo Bale. However, the strengths of MRI is where there is water in the body to be more clearly than CT, so for the film to determine whether cancer involving blood vessels, biliary tract (bile duct is also the water within the material) there are film adenocarcinoma has not formed within the cyst blisters and the like, or use magnetic resonance better. In general, the doctor based on specific circumstances, a targeted selection of CT or MRI.
2.B Ultra – affordable diagnostic eye
We've all heard B-, and perhaps previously received B-mode ultrasound was used through the skin, "light" one by one ultrasound. Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas and the film density is inconsistent, so the reflection of ultrasound is not the same, so the probe signal received (the screen) is also strong or weak, the doctor according to the different signals, can easily distinguish pancreatic cancer have long had. Can be found with the B-1 cm adenocarcinoma of the size of the film, so it can be used for early screening and selection, is the preferred tool to check the film adenocarcinoma.
3. Computed tomography (CT) – CT diagnosis of another set of eyes in the eyes of ordinary people is a high-tech, and easy to use things, what disease with CT according to what the general will be able to see clearly, that is expensive – the point. In fact, the role of CT and B-is the same. However, CT is more clear picture of the pattern, but unlike the B-pictures only twelve, a CT examination can be taken down a lot of photos. Example, we want to know what it was like a nuclear pears, put a piece in a pear cut look. CT film the same way, they cut piece by piece the abdominal scan (of course this is not a knife, but through the high-tech scanning technology), and through a clear image display in the film, the doctor can easily see pancreas size, and film to pancreatic cancer without infringement of organs such as the next: gallbladder, liver, small intestine, peritoneum, blood vessels, in order to explicitly provide the basis for judging the severity of the disease.
Pancreatic cancer examination method 4. Tumor marker – to monitor the efficacy and summer hair eyes
Tumor markers, by definition is: what marks the tumor, which is a sign of cancer. It is also terrible, there is this thing not have cancer yet? But the other point that came back, found the tumor markers, you can find the tumor, you can know this is not completely eliminate the tumor or tumor recurrence after treatment did not . Therefore, examination of tumor markers is very important. So what is the local tumor markers come from? Tumor markers in the tumor cells from the past. Because the tumor cells and normal cells look different, so things are not produced exactly the same, some things are unique to tumor cells, these things in the blood, urine, the Ambassadors can be detected by instruments. It is generally detected in the blood. The membrane marker for adenocarcinoma are: CA50, CA242, CA19-9, etc., in general, the blood was detected in these three substances may have a film to reveal the cancer of the body.
Check method of pancreatic cancer Wumart 5.PET-high prices of the icing on the cake
Perhaps everyone "PET" is not familiar with or never heard of, it is not surprising, because the author is also a tumor by learning and dry it after this line there is such a thing in the world, and check again to more than 10,000 dollars, it seems a bit ridiculous. But that is a good thing. Why then? It to talk about its mechanism of action. We know that cancer is constantly growing, so malignant, it takes more than the other nutrients the body tissues, like the engine kept running, to keep consumption of diesel is the same. In a lot of heat will be generated, so the operation of the diesel engine is very loud, and not the same thing around, hands first touch can be felt. As many malignant tumors consume nutrients, of course, not to touch hot engine to know, so scientists have to take advantage of this invention PET, this instrument can measure the height of the accumulation of malignant tumor of nutrients and map shows the way the tumor. This gives diagnosis is a big convenience. Such as:
(1) is used to determine the condition of malignant
Adenocarcinoma primary site in the film, PET see more clearly than CT, it is very important for surgeons. Because the tumor before surgery to see clearly where to where the violation, then the surgeon to know the answer, start with surgery to targeted, hold on most of the. PET examination can understand cancer and to other parts of the diameter of 1 cm below the metastatic cancer, which for a treatment plan is very important. Because the existence of metastasis of cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment options or choose the order is not the same.
(2) can distinguish between benign and malignant tumors
As the growth of benign tumors grow slowly or not, the consumption of less nutritious, so with the malignancy in the pattern on PET is inconsistent. The CT, X ray, B-to may not be able to distinguish.
(3) to assess the efficacy of cancer treatment, to determine whether the recurrence of the PET examination of high precision, they are able to know exactly whether the tumor is completely eliminated, you can also do PET examination after treatment in order to identify whether the tumor recurrence. This patient is very important. If the tumor is not treated, it meant the disease has been cured; if there is recurrence, then again, no doubt that early treatment is essential.
(4) to assess the degree of malignancy of malignant tumors
Through the above description, we know that consumption of PET is a malignant tumor of nutrients through this feature to check the increase. Highly malignant tumor of nutrients consumed low levels of high malignant tumor of nutrients consumed a relatively small population, therefore, they are not the same as on the performance of PET, the doctor can be distinguished according to this level of malignant tumors to determine the patient's treatment prospects. Treatment of malignant tumors with high prospects for less, while a low degree of malignancy is relatively better prospects for cancer treatment. Therefore, the poor quality high prices of things PET, is all about, you understand?
Check method of pancreatic cancer 6. Chest X-chip – the old items easy
The chest, the general people are familiar with, because most people have the experience of chest X-ray film. X ray through the body and organs can imaging the chest on the film, to know the heart, lungs and pleura of a variety of diseases. Metastatic adenocarcinoma of the film may be to the lungs, so as a routine examination, chest X film is to be taken regularly.

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