Etiology of pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Cause pancreatic cancer, this is a concern to everyone. Because if we know the answer to this question, we do not rule-based cancer prevention and control of you! Is the case, let us look at a few interesting phenomenon: According to the survey, smoking a high proportion of people suffering from lung cancer, And the longer smoking, the greater the risk of cancer too, indicating that smoke contains carcinogenic substances harmful to human carcinogenic effects, which also illustrates the long-term effects of certain cancer-causing chemicals in the body will have cancer.
Also according to the survey, people who get hepatitis B high proportion of liver cancer, indicating that hepatitis B virus harmful to human carcinogenic effects, which explains some of the virus in the human body will be serious students of cancer. There investigation showed that some of the family, / Article / Special / yxai / incidence is high, higher than the general population, which indicate that certain cancer and genetic factors within the human body.
Again, the Chinese moved to the United States, increased the incidence of colorectal cancer, and one of the main reasons for the dietary factors, because the American diet high in fat, high protein ingredients and more, but too few cellulose component, while the Chinese diet pay attention to meat, prime with, and Americans are different. Thus, poor eating habits can lead to cancer. Also, long-term direct exposure in the sun people, easy to get skin cancer, it also shows the sun's ultraviolet rays are carcinogenic to humans.
Finally, according to cancer patients in love sulking, most of a bad mood, or have received mental stimulation, so you can come to the spirit of the relevant factors and cancer.
So, what is cancer-causing factors? Answer is: adverse physical, chemical and biological factors of stimulation, poor eating habits, and congenital genetic factors. To the above problem, we further talk about negative emotions and more a combination of several factors, leading to cancer.
1. The body's surveillance system, thin rabbit: normal cells inside the human body as we all know from the brick house was built by piling up, but the body is formed by the cells. The same cells as bricks, piled into the human body, but invisible cells, can only be seen in the microscope. The body's cells every day replacement, so there will be a problem: a machine in the production of parts, there is always a certain percentage of defective product, then the body's cells are not defective will appear? The answer is: there will be defective or inferior, that cancer cells. So why the body has cancer and cancer in general people do not nickname? This is because the human body there are also many of the "prosecutors" the immune surveillance cells. The role of these cells is that there may be time to find cancer cells in vivo, and timely manner to be eliminated, the guarantor does not appear the body of cancer. Meanwhile, in the cell production process, quality inspection bodies there, so have greatly reduced risk of cancer. From this point of view that the body produces cancer function of immune surveillance system is closely related. Where law and order as well, then the thieves, gangsters will increase the same.
Etiology of pancreatic cancer 2. Diet and film adenocarcinoma
We know that membrane gland is a decomposition of the food can be absorbed into plant nutrients. Therefore, we eat the things to go through the role of membrane gland – secreting membrane liquid decomposed into the food. Well, let's think about a person knows the weight of child, if he can bear up to a kilogram of goods, but to give him 60 kg, he will be very difficult, the body will be changed, such as increasing muscle and accelerate aging. Similarly, we, the pancreas of food processing capacity is limited. If we eat too much food, then the pancreas to work overload, only to pancreatic this little bigger mullet up, so that only the secretion of membrane liquid multisection that this process will result in increased pancreatic abnormal, increasing the possibility of cancer. The actual situation shows that with the improvement of living standards, people food, especially the increase in fat content, resulting in membrane cancer incidence rates. In addition, the diet of coffee can increase the risk of cancer occurring membrane. In this, I advise the reader, to your pancreas, do not eat too much, do not eat too much fat!
3. Diabetes and film adenocarcinoma
Diabetes is due to pancreatic island cells in the membrane is a problem, also related to the pancreas. Then the relationship between diabetes and adenocarcinoma film? The answer is a relationship. Particularly insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus film female patients with adenocarcinoma of the possibility of suffering from relatively high membrane. In addition, the film easily elevated blood glucose levels patients with adenocarcinoma, adenocarcinoma, which is due to membrane damage caused by the membrane function of the island. Therefore, that blood sugar, to be alert to the possibility of whether there is film adenocarcinoma.
4 pancreatic cancer causes. Smoking and gland adenocarcinoma
Smoking with you once again mentioned. Smoking is the enemy of humanity, as if in every dark corner of the disease are the presence of smoke, the reality is true. Smoking not only with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease is closely related to cancer it is closely related to the film.
According to the survey, the incidence of adenocarcinoma of smokers film 2-3 times higher than non-smokers and smokers, the incidence of cancer earlier age film, that is, smoking may be more patients earlier film adenocarcinoma, It was not auspicious cigarettes. Cigarettes do not have much flavor, but it is too toxic. Toxic substances in the smoke is carcinogenic. Inhaled, that is ubiquitous in the human body, and a considerable portion of the distribution to the pancreas, can be imagined, pancreas affected by this poison, the cancer rate can not rise?

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