Diagnosis of colon cancer

By | April 12, 2012

Diagnosis of colon cancer, (1) Colon X-ray examination: X-ray examination is the most common cancer diagnosis and effective method. Dayton enema, especially with thin air lock Dayton contrast agents and methods of examination showed morphologic abnormalities within the colon has a high accuracy. Mass in the colon showed partial filling defect; ulcer type cancer showed irregular wall and a Xin Ying. Other lesions of the colon bags disappeared, was rigid tube.
(2) B-type ultrasonic scanning: the availability of intra-abdominal lumps and metastatic liver lesions have a certain accuracy.
(3) CT examination: mainly used to find the performance of liver cancer metastasis and para-aortic or without lymph node enlargement.
2. Immunological studies of serum carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) CEA is a cell membrane measured glycoprotein, colon cancer can have such antigens can be measured by radioimmunoassay in serum CEA levels, normal to 15mg/ml below About 60% of colon cancer patients are higher than normal serum CEA. CEA value of the determination of the specificity of colon cancer is not high. However, if colon cancer patients after preoperative high CEA value can be used to help determine the prognosis and recurrence.
3. Colonoscopy fiber optical colonoscopy the entire colon can be directly observed within the lesion site to take biopsy. Colon cancer is suspected when the lower bit, can also be used sigmoid colon or rectum microscope lens.
4. Pathologic form of colon cancer generally divided into three types: tumor type, ulceration, infiltrative. Colon cancer histological type common with adenocarcinoma (the most common), mucinous carcinoma, undifferentiated carcinoma (worst prognosis), others such as squamous cell carcinoma is rare.
5. Colon cancer is divided into four phases:
DukesA of cancer confined to the intestinal wall.
DukesB has been through the intestinal wall of the cancer, without lymph node metastasis.
DukesC have been through the intestinal wall of the cancer and lymph node metastasis.
DukesD diagnosis of colon cancer is cancer of the already distant metastasis.

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