The clinical manifestations of colon cancer

By | April 12, 2012

The clinical manifestations of colon cancer, clinical manifestations: The main symptoms are bowel habits and the changing nature of feces, abdominal pain, abdominal mass, intestinal obstruction stool deformed or loose stools, anemia and so on.
1. Bowel habits are often the first symptoms, the majority showed an increase in frequency of defecation, stool deformed or loose stools, blood in the stool is an important symptom. Patients usually caused by blood or mucus in it and then for treatment, but often mistaken for colitis or disease disease and delay in diagnosis. With the development of lesions caused by mild intestinal obstruction, loose stools and constipation may alternate.
2. Is the early symptoms of abdominal pain, pain more in the middle and lower abdomen, low level noise, mostly pain or abdominal discomfort. If cancer has penetrated the intestinal wall outside the local inflammation caused only pain that is part of the tumor, accompanied by tenderness and lumps. If intestinal obstruction is significant, be converted into paroxysmal cramps.
The clinical manifestations of colon cancer 3. Abdominal cancer tumor growth to a large palpable mass in the abdomen that may be. Sigmoid colon or transverse colon cancer in the middle of easy reach, and there is a certain activity. Masses are generally more rigid and irregular, uneven surface. If cancer is associated with small perforation through the intestinal wall, causing infection, the formation of inflammatory masses, compared with a fixed, tenderness evident. Cecum and proximal ascending colon cancer associated with inflammation, such as may be misdiagnosed as appendicitis Edition swollen.
4. Bowel obstruction symptoms are generally the symptoms of advanced colon cancer, most of the performance of chronic low incomplete intestinal obstruction, such as bloating, constipation, pain, or paroxysmal cramps, nausea and vomiting are not prominent. About 10% of colon cancer patients showed acute intestinal obstruction.
5. Anemic cancer bleeding as well as malnutrition, anemia caused by consumption of the body, as well as weight loss, fatigue, swelling, fever and other manifestations, more common in the cecum or colon cancer.
As the site of tumor and pathological types, clinical manifestations are also different. The right side of colon cancer in the general systemic symptoms of anemia, abdominal mass as the main performance, the left Zeyi intestinal obstruction, constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stool and other symptoms are significant.
Early symptoms of colon cancer diagnosis more obvious, easily overlooked. Where the performance of middle-aged of the following reasons unknown, should be alert to the possibility of colon cancer:
recent change in bowel habits or persistent abdominal discomfort, pain or bloating.
stool blood called mucus.
to anemia and weight loss and fatigue.
The clinical manifestations of colon cancer, abdominal mass.

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