Principle of treatment of colon cancer

By | April 12, 2012

Principles of treatment of colon cancer, colon cancer is a common malignant tumor in the gastrointestinal tract. Principle of treatment is combination therapy based on surgery. Such as cancer confined to the intestinal wall or only the regional mesenteric lymph node metastasis, surgical lesions can be seen visually, the entire cut should be radical excision. Such as the lymph nodes has not been cut away to make or turn Sapporo! The primary cancer can still be removed when doing a palliative resection can remove the obstruction, bleeding, infection, complications, postoperative adjuvant therapy together with the other.
1. Preoperative bowel preparation before colon resection surgery for bowel preparation is to reduce pollution and to prevent postoperative abdominal and wound infection and to ensure a good anastomotic healing important measures. The purpose of bowel preparation is to make the colon empty stool, distension, intestinal bacteria can be reduced.
2. Colorectal cancer resection should include the scope of radical resection of cancer of the intestine where the lapel and the possible transfer of mesenteric lymph nodes.
3. Colorectal cancer complicated with acute obstruction and perforation of the colon cancer treatment of acute intestinal obstruction principles of obstruction in the right colon were used:
right half of the bowel resection, an ileal anastomosis.
an appendix stoma decompression, two radical resection.
If estimates can not be removed for palliative shortcut surgery.
Principles of treatment of colon cancer, colon obstruction on the left can be selected:
a proximal colostomy decompression of obstruction, two radical resection.
a resection of cancer, ends stoma, two colon end anastomosis.
unresectable cancer, palliative colostomy.

Principles of treatment of colon cancer, colon cancer treatment of acute perforation can be selected:
perforation of small, short time, peritoneal contamination is not severe, can be removed for cancer, an intestinal anastomosis.
a resection of cancer, colostomy ends, the second anastomosis.
suture of perforation, proximal colostomy, two cancer resection.
4. To have chemotherapy or surgery, mesenteric lymph node metastasis do not cut colon cancer, may aid chemotherapy. Usually 1-1.5 years after surgery using three courses.
Prevention should be noted:
appropriate to reduce dietary fat and meat content, increase fresh vegetables and fruit.
colon adenoma resection should be regularly reviewed in a timely manner.
of chronic ulcerative colitis to be for regular colonoscopy.
familial polyposis patients, should be early surgical treatment of polyps.
Principles of treatment of colon cancer, of people over the age of 50 stool occult blood checks twice a year to help early detection of colon cancer symptoms is not obvious.

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