Detailed tumor diagnosis

By | October 10, 2011

Detailed diagnosis of cancer: cancer is a kind of excessive proliferation of cells, growth disorder as the main characteristics of the new creatures, such proliferation and organ involved no clear relationship between physiological needs. Tissue sections originated from human tumors, its performance is also different. So give the tumor the next appropriate simple definition is difficult. Organizers of the body's organs and sections are made up of cells. Tumor is composed of cells, but tumor cells by special. Therefore, we have to go through the normal cells and tumor cells were compared to understand the tumor.
All normal cells, in the form of common features end up there. Different categories of cells, also has its own special characteristics. According to morphological characteristics of cells, we can easily recognizable that it is fat cells or muscle cells or liver cells and so on. The same categories of the various cells, both in size and shape is very consistent. For example, a person's liver cells and liver cells of another person, the Ministry of similar shape and size. This scale has a normal morphology of cells. Called mature or differentiated cells. This means that the health body's normal cells are mature in morphology and differentiation. The tumor cells in the form of features on the end phase, that is immature or undifferentiated, naive nature, and some close to the embryonic cells form, seems bizarre, the size and shape of each cell is very different, varied. The more naive the malignant tumor cells the higher the degree. Although there are tumor cells, but in size, shape, closer to mature and differentiate on its lower degree of malignancy. If a long period of time no significant change in tumor volume, that is, slow growth, and clear boundaries with the surrounding tissue, the tumor surface, a complete capsule. Tumor can hand over activities to complete surgical excision is easy to clean, cut off, usually does not recur after surgery, does not occur and metastasis as benign tumor.
Detailed tumor diagnosis, make the following definition of cancer: cancer is the body in a variety of long-term effect of carcinogenic factors, a normal cell differentiation and abnormal proliferation of over-infinite results. It should be noted that, to understand the nature of tumor, have a better understanding from the following tens of thousands of faces:
(1) Cancer is a class of diseases in different parts of the inherent characteristics of each are shown. But whatever really happened to location and organizational characteristics are abnormal proliferation of cells over the basic features.
(2) proof of modern immunology, the immune system is closely related with changes in tumor development. The strong immune function, tumor cell growth restriction, or even eliminated. So when in the treatment of malignant tumor trying to improve the immune capacity.
(3) The nature of tumor proliferation, but the proliferation of non-neoplastic proliferation are essentially different. If compensatory grounds on students, but also the performance of local proliferation and bold. However, this hyperplasia and hypertrophy have a certain limit, a certain time, and really have physiological significance. Once the lift caused by the proliferation reasons, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the stop.
(4) any cancer cells from normal cells, but the first is to normal cells. Really is the core of abnormal changes in the genetic characteristics in cell biology, material that change is based primarily on DNA and genetic code.
(5) tumor is the long-term harmful effects caused by tumor factors result in the body, but the same factors that cause tumors, more likely to occur in some people and some organizations, while resistance is the body can not overcome the case of oncogenic factor, only occur tumors. Tumorigenic factors to realize that long-term effects occur gradually, from normal cells into tumor cells from quantitative to qualitative changes of a long process.
Various parts of the body cells and tissues by different enough to become, in addition to hair, teeth and fingers (toes) than A, almost all the organs and tissues, the tumor cells can occur. Really characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, and the original sent to him at the sown area, which seeding can not control, would violate the vital organs and cause failure, finally leading to death.Detailed diagnosis of cancer, the body can occur about thousands of different tumors, cancer is often said that the general term for malignant tumors

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