Trinity Green brain tumor therapy

By | October 10, 2011

Trinity Green brain tumor therapy "Introduction: brain-specific broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug + drugs + trace element products.
1, the patient medication (oral javanica oil emulsion): There are few drugs currently on the market through blood-brain barrier, so the effects are not ideal. The javanica oil emulsion by oral administration of breakthrough small molecule structure of the neck of this technical cooperation, not only through the blood-brain barrier can successfully play a therapeutic effect on brain tumors, but also can effectively control the blood and reach the treatment of systemic lymph node metastasis of other foci role, for frail patients with advanced drugs selected as the first note that the safety of drugs through our large number of clinical observations, Brucea javanica oil emulsion for oral administration of a brain tumor best, side effects are relatively small, is ideal for brain tumor patients medication.
2, brain tumor patients with medication (pain grams): is the first choice in patients with advanced brain tumor magnetic drug, the drug use is the latest generation of transdermal technology, rapid directional drugs directly through the skin lesions, especially those Late intracranial pressure, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. can not be operative radiotherapy in patients with chemotherapy has also made good friends efficacy, the World Health Organization as "an invisible scalpel"
3, enhance the body immunity to improve their disease resistance (Western oral Ganoderma lucidum, amino acids, such as oral solution and oral OVA dysphagia, especially those patients taking more convenient): Western Ganoderma oral solution (U.S. imports of American ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum the mixture) can inhibit tumor growth on the human body to reduce chemotherapy side effects, improve patient's appetite, loss of appetite, especially for patients who have a significant effect. Full complement of amino acids in patients with oral trace elements, improve the immunity of patients with resistance to cancer patients for all phases of long-term use. Liquid egg albumin in patients with extremely low for optimal immunity, particularly those vulnerable patients with cold low-protein, have a good role and efficacy.

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