Conditioning in patients with heart of lung cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Conditioning in patients with heart of lung cancer, lung cancer patients because the disease complex, lifestyle, age, social experience, educational level, economic status differences. It was intense, some minor. When you first heard that some patients were diagnosed with lung cancer was shocked when the fact that even knocked down, common sense is alive, numbness, anger, shock, resentment, confusion, guilt and a series of emotions.
Many people mistakenly believe that my cancer will relapse, there is no good way to prevent cancer recurrence. The fact is that you may not recurrence of lung cancer, even if the recurrence time is longer than before. Every cancer patient can understand the life of their own concerns, fear of cancer pain, fear they can not take care of themselves as the burden of family and friends, fear of not a few ordinary people, afraid of the treatment per-ending damage to their quality of life. Some people even think that one death is inevitable anyway, so continue to smoke, in fact, even if the diagnosis of lung cancer after smoking cessation will also get many benefits. Conditioning in patients with heart, lung, and some even fear the eventual impact of respiratory and lung cancer died of suffocation. Many patients from family, friends, doctors and even the "experts" at the negative information has been lost so pessimistic, the fact that many of the patients after treatment the prognosis is very good example.
Psychological care and body care together to improve care effects, lung cancer patients depends on the patient's mental defense, if the optimistic attitude of patients, the effects of the drug are more obvious, if the patient despair, mental defense collapsed, the patient's condition will be worsened, and soon die, so care should be placed on psychological care during an important position, for chemotherapy and radiotherapy for patients side effects, may cause patient fear, that the disease progression, will produce its own disease, bad attitude, hopes of life, we should correctly understand the mission allowed the side effects of drugs and radiation, to eliminate concerns, the correct treatment, with treatment. In short, as the development of medicine, the patient raise the level of knowledge and psychological care in nursing the sick is more important, especially with more and more obvious psychological effect of cancer patients, patients with lung cancer so deal with psychological problems, is the best an important part of medical effects.
Conditioning in patients with heart of lung cancer, the psychological care of patients with lung cancer not only from the physiological, non-physiological aspects of nursing patients, but also from a psychological point of doing care work, ease the symptoms, extending the lives of patients.

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