Interventional therapy of lung cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Interventional therapy of lung cancer in the angiography, the catheter from the patient's femoral artery, into the arterial blood supply to the tumor (eg lung artery, hepatic artery of liver cancer, etc.), giving chemotherapy drugs, so that local lung cancer organizations to accept high concentrations of chemotherapeutic drugs to achieve the effect of increasing the local destruction of tumors, followed if necessary, to allow a further embolic agents, embolization local tumor feeding arteries, reducing the tumor blood supply, further control of tumor growth. Interventional therapy in the treatment of liver cancer first achieved satisfactory results, and then introduced into the treatment of lung cancer, but also achieved some results. Comprehensive treatment of lung cancer has become an effective topical medications in the treatment, but lung cancer is systemic disease characteristics, and local artery lesions complicated variety of reasons, so the lung cancer therapy can not replace the involvement of systemic chemotherapy and other treatment , comprehensive treatment should select the appropriate patients, selective use of reasonable arrangements for intervention. Intervention to adapt to the symptoms
1. Tumor diameter greater than 5 cm of lung cancer in the other non-surgical treatment.
2. Other non-surgical treatment is not sensitive to lung cancer.
3. Lungs widely metastatic lung cancer or systemic multiple metastatic lung tumors.
5. The primary lesion has been surgically removed, lesions less than 3 ~ 4, the maximum diameter of less than 3 cm mass of metastatic lung cancer.
Interventional therapy of lung cancer 6. Diameter of less than 3-5 cm of peripheral lung cancer, cardiopulmonary dysfunction or because other reasons can not open heart surgery, and individual surgical procedures are not original.

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