Advanced lung cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Lung cancer is a malignant a higher 5-year survival rate is very low. For patients with advanced cancer, the most important thing is to improve the quality of life and relieve suffering, from the diet, regulating all aspects of life, the right to face disease.
Chemotherapy is not necessarily a good thing, because for these treatments at the same time, there are many side effects occur, such as: hair loss, nausea, vomiting, etc., reduced quality of life, not necessarily a good thing, under the guidance of the doctors suggested to improve the quality of life, maintain good mood.
Peripheral lung cancer often asymptomatic, incidentally discovered only in the physical examination; central type of lung cancer in the large bronchi, blocking the lumen, the symptoms found earlier. The main symptoms of lung cancer:
1. Cough often the first symptom of lung cancer. Central lung cancer is more prominent, more long lasting paroxysmal cough for long-term, early dry cough, progression of the disease may have sputum.
2. Chest pain often intermittent pain or men Tong. Increased tumor invasion and pleural pain is already late. Peripheral lung cancer may have chest pain, shoulder pain, upper limb pain, neuralgia and other inter-threatening.
3. Dyspnea tumor obstruction or bronchial compression may appear larger chest tightness, shortness of breath or suffocation.
4. lung cancer with advanced tumor invasion to the pleura, pericardium, vocal cords, there may be pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, vocal cord paralysis; tumor liver and brain metastasis, there may be hepatomegaly, yellow marks, mood changes, vomiting and even coma. Right upper mediastinal lymph node metastasis can cause head, face, neck, upper chest edema, jugular vein engorgement (superior vena cava sign). Cachexia was late, the performance of extreme weight loss, weakness, lassitude and so on.
5. Hemoptysis and bloody sputum repeated intermittent small amount of bloody sputum, fresh color, occasionally large hemoptysis. Hemoptysis central lung cancer often appear early in the disease, peripheral lung cancer in the tumor is small hemoptysis rare.
6. Febrile cancer cause bronchial obstruction, luminal pressure, or cancer can cause the formation of cavities and other inflammatory fever. The late "cancer hot" element of effective anti-inflammatory treatment.
Treatment principles:
1. Surgical treatment of lung cancer with surgery, mainly to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and Chinese medicine treatment, supplemented by the principle of comprehensive treatment. However, the small cell lung cancer should first chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then surgical excision. Patients without distant metastasis in good condition the whole body, heart and lungs can be tolerated by, the preferred surgical treatment of lung cancer.
2. Radiation therapy is mainly used for local lesion of lung cancer, advanced lung cancer patients with regional lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis has to be done to palliative treatment of patients. Applicable to surgical treatment, but unable to surgery, radical radiotherapy can do.
3. Chemical treatment of distant metastasis for patients with inoperable, chemotherapy feasible. Commonly used drugs: cyclophosphamide cool gel (CTX), Adriamycin (ADM), cis Lead (DDP), paclitaxel (PTX) and so on.
Therefore, patients with advanced lung cancer should get regular professional treatment as soon as possible.

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