Conditioning diet during radiotherapy

By | April 11, 2012

Ray is a hot anti-matter, is a "fire evil", "fire business" category, it will consume Yin Ye burning the body, patients often appear throat sore throat, thirst, want to drink, they end, urine and other symptoms. Severe radiation reaction, can also cause mouth, throat, esophagus, etc. of radioactive inflammation, and therefore different treatment based on clinical symptoms related to eating problems. Severe radiation reaction, poor appetite, swallowing pain, oral ulcers were advised to use half of current diet or soft diet, rich in nutrition, the best light, easily digestible food, such as porridge, pasta, ravioli and other soft food. Cooking on the fine as well. To stimulate the appetite, put some salt may be a little more tedious to ease the mouth feel, attention to color, smell and taste three efforts, the mobilization of patients with visual, olfactory, taste, to increase appetite. The temperature should not be too hot meal, meat can be chopped fine or Dunlan, vegetables or fruit juice to drink if you can not swallow.
In the diet during radiotherapy conditioning should choose Yin fluid, heat and cooling blood of the goods, such as turtle meat, Mexican fish, goose, pigeon, octopus, turtles, mud earthworm, Mu Square, duck meat, spinach, cabbage, bean sprouts , celery, grams of food, winter grams of vegetables, bamboo shoots, cucumber, bitter gourd, eggplant, melon, seaweed, pears, watermelon, citrus Nan, persimmon, green bean, red bean, sponge gourd, edible fungus, lily, lotus seeds, dates, cauliflower, potatoes, day lily, yams, almonds, grapes, peaches, figs, raw honey.
By radiotherapy in patients with common clinical excessive heat and humidity both Shangyin two cases. Excessive heat Shangyin patients often feel thirsty, sore throat, swallowing difficulty, in the diet were advised to eat cool yin, Ganhan Sheng-chun, the food, such as pear, chestnut leather, Xianou, watermelon, green beans, Gan Lian, lily, melon, etc. Jifu dry and other spicy food spicy incense. Patients often feel both hot and humid do not want to drink dry mouth, loss of appetite, chest full of bloating, greasy yellow tongue coating, etc., are advised to eat more food on the heat and dampness, spleen qi of food, such as asparagus, mushrooms, bananas, mountain plants , sponge gourd, lotus root, lentils and so on.
Diet during radiotherapy conditioning, for some hot food, such as lamb, venison, dog, beef, peppers, etc., patients receiving radiotherapy should be minimal food.
Spicy food should not eat stimulation.

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