Concept and cause of skin cancer

By | October 18, 2011

Skin cancer is one of the human multiple malignancies, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, carcinoma in situ and rare accessories, such as sebaceous gland carcinoma, adenocarcinoma sweat. An early manifestation of various types of skin cancer, mostly erythema-like lesions, accompanied by the formation of squamous skin desquamation or crazy.
Skin cancer because of that?
Incidence of skin cancer very different countries, the higher the incidence of the white race, the incidence of low, mainly squamous cell carcinoma, occurs in the elderly. Domestic information 50 – 60 years old have a higher prevalence, followed by 61 – 70 years old, 40 years of age rare. More men than women, occur in the exposed parts of the body, mostly found in the head and neck, in addition to the limbs, trunk can be seen. Skin cancer is Chinese medicine, "turned flower sore," "stone therapy," "malignant sore," "loss of capacity," "neoplasm," "stone plague" and other areas.
Skin cancer because, in skin cancer medicine, mostly outside the hot wind of the evil drug, detention course of time, Hao Shang Yin and Blood, blood stagnation caused by; or anger because of illness anxiety, liver qi stagnation, spleen lost health movement, wet endogenous cloud, so that the fire depression qi stagnation, dampness blocking the skin, blood condensed; or decline due to old gas organs, blood was waning, and liver and blood deficiency, hard wing on the outside, the skin dystrophy, pulmonary Gas disorders, fur do not run, easy to move evils, the course of time the spleen Health poisoning caused by damp malignant sore.
Skin cancer because, in essence, is the righteous weak, but initially not obvious, the more significant advanced virtual image, as the fundamental law of the righting training. The tumor specificity of clinical symptoms often elusive performance. Evidence-based early stage, the actual situation in the late mixed, to grasp the actual situation of the relative degree.

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