Symptoms of brain tumors occur

By | October 19, 2011

Brain tumor develop symptoms, the site of tumor is different nature of the disease was different, different. Most of the headache, the general was intermittent in the early morning easy to attack, after the symptoms gradually worsened and the number gradually increased. Many patients with vomiting, is often a sudden onset, vomiting, mostly jet-like nature, most no nausea, but also with the ingestion of food. Mostly at night time attack, or attack the morning fasting. The vomiting and headache often complicated, especially when the onset of severe headache in the patient. Cerebellar tumors in children, occurred in the early vomiting.
The incidence of symptomatic brain tumors often appear vision loss or double vision or hemianopia, some blind patients with severe symptoms. Usually occurs on one side, there are two sides simultaneously. Cancer patients often have generalized epilepsy or paralysis hit like pumping, or unresponsive, and personality changes. Some patients with limb paresthesia, or physical sensation disappeared. Some patients had vertigo, and an unstable feeling. Some patients feel dumped when bending.
Brain tumor develop symptoms, some patients often drowsiness. Some coma patients. Some patients with mental disorder, on the place and time orientation disappears. Some patients with memory and attention loss, Yan easily excited. Some patients grind of systemic pumping in pumping to say something before the collision, but can not tell, when the pumping head and eyes turn to broadcast the contralateral limb more than a twin array of tonic motion (turned around). Some patients tend to hold someone's hand tightly. Some patients with limb weakness, especially in the face and tongue weakness. Some patients with limb tremor. Some patients lost the sense of smell, the side of the optic nerve atrophy or optic disc edema. Some patients sometimes unpleasant hallucinations, paint or felt the smell of burning, but also the nasopharynx paresthesia. Some thought the patient felt a sudden stop working, but it will not fall, as is often shown in a dream or a blank look. Some patients with memory disorders strange place, but can not recall the case of attack. Some patients decreased taste and smell. Some patients with systemic Images of people or animals, the illusion. Some patients had a sense of light flashes. Some patients not yell the name of things, or words without coherence. Some patients face expressionless, body tremor. Some patients sometimes excitement, or shock-like feeling, or (minority) feel pain. Some patients can not identify the affected side of the hands of the thing. Some patients with the Ministry of Harmony hole symmetry, the eye gaze upward Yuan-li. Some patients drowsiness, polyuria, hyperglycemia, obesity, sexual dysfunction and irregular fever. Some patients with nystagmus and ataxia. Some patients have dance-like movements. Some patients have deafness. Some patients face shrinking or sagging eyes, Ke ranging from large holes, and most of Harmony hole larger.

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