The main symptoms of testicular cancer

By | October 18, 2011

The main symptoms of testicular cancer clinical observation are the following:
The main symptoms of testicular cancer (1) local discomfort: symptoms of testicular cancer in the early and more obvious, about half of the patients often have a sense of testosterone fall, and sometimes feel the scrotum or lower abdomen, groin, a sense of a stretch, in jumping, running or tired After the obvious.
(2) transfer of the symptoms caused by: Clinically, testicular tumors are more prone to metastasis, 5% – 10% of the symptoms of testicular cancer to metastasis as the initial symptoms. Lymph node metastasis often occurs in the first para-aortic lymph nodes. Transfer is often the first blood in the lungs, liver metastases are visible. Such as intra-abdominal lymph node metastases and inferior vena cava pressure inexpensive pool of milk can cause lower extremity edema or ascites.
The main symptoms of testicular cancer (3), testicular swelling, elastic disappear: the typical clinical manifestations of a gradually increasing painless scrotal mass, more or inadvertently stumbled upon physical examination. Implicit is innocent of patients showed increases of more intra-abdominal or groin area mass, and absence of ipsilateral testis.
(4) light transmission test was negative, no sense of volatility: but a few with advanced disease may be complicated by effusion or hematoma and a sense of volatility.
The main symptoms of testicular cancer (5) other parts of the signs: In addition to checking local scrotum, but still need to pay attention to check the rest of the body, such as the groin and abdomen for lumps, the Yuan lower extremity edema, the liver is swollen, swollen lymph node supraclavicular fossa large, etc., are helpful in the diagnosis and determine tumor metastasis element elsewhere.

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