Colon cancer screening indications and contraindications

By | January 3, 2012

A colon cancer indications and contraindications, indications which colon cancer screening
(1)blood in the stool or Pat and liquid than they had anal disease, its causes are not clear;
(2)abdominal pain, diarrhea, recurrent;
(3)barium enema or a high index of suspicion of colon cancer;
(4)barium enema ileocecal lesions that can not clear the nature of;
(5)is clearly colon polyps or ulcerative colitis lesions;
(6)colon polyps to be removed by colonoscopy;
(7)surgery on the large intestinal diseases can not be a clear position, or large intestine is subject to multiple polyps removed in the colonoscopy;
(8)colonic pseudo obstruction after colonoscopy to be lifted;
(9),intussusception, volvulus diagnosis and need to reset;
(10)large intestine or colon polyps after review;
(11)the need for regular observation of colorectal lesions.
II colon cancer indications and contraindications.Contraindications what colon cancer screening
(1)suspected peritonitis or intestinal perforation, intestinal adhesion;
(2)severe cardiovascular disease;
(3) pregnancy;
(4)failure patients;
(5)can not cope with psychiatric symptoms.

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