Check the type of colon cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Check the type of colon cancer (1) colonoscopy: the mirror made in 1963 and clinical application. Body length of the colon is divided into long-type endoscope (170 cm), medium (125 cm), short (90 cm): 3, since the mirror has been used in clinical disease of the colon and terminal ileum markedly diagnostic accuracy increased. Mirror image of the beam are: fiberglass, image clear, but easy to break the glass fiber, such as breaking away too much, it is not durable image blur.
Check the type of colon cancer (2) electronic colonoscopy: made in 1985 and for clinical, through the optical signal converter on the image displayed on the monitor screen, the mirror image is clear, to overcome the colonoscopy easily broken wire beam imaging, image clear shortcomings.
Results colon cancer checks the type (3) ultrasound colonoscopy: is in the electronic colonoscopy, based on the department installed a micro-lens ultrasonic probe, not only in the mirror on the monitor screen display clearly the morphological changes of the intestinal wall and lumen , but also display the intestinal wall obtained by ultrasound lesion size, depth of bowel wall and with violations of the relationship between parenteral. Can determine the benign and malignant lesions, and pathological diagnosis rate of 75%.
Check the type of colon cancer (4) Electronic zoom colonoscopy: the mirror gradually in recent years for clinical use. It can be amplified 180 times, for colorectal cancer and other small tiny lesions, treatment has a good effect.
Colonoscopy is not only a diagnosis of terminal disease, colon and cecum important tool, more importantly, some of the large intestine can be used to treat diseases, such as removal of colorectal polyps, colorectal bleeding bleeding, volvulus reduction, the treatment of intestinal pseudo-obstruction, colonic anastomosis expansion of the narrow mouth of benign and cecal stoma, etc., but also the middle from the small intestine during surgery incision into the small intestine endoscopic removal of multiple polyps, or removed from the anus into the ileum with multiple polyps. The method of multiple polyps in the small intestine more thoroughly clean the intestinal wall small incision, few complications and recurrence. The clinical application of colonoscopy for large and small bowel disease diagnosis and treatment play an important role.

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