Risk factors for colorectal cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Risk factors for colorectal cancer (1) family history. Adenocarcinoma of familial polyposis, can be cancerous after 40 years of age, 55 years almost 100% of the cancer, the disease is rare, accounting for only 1% of all colorectal cancer is about. Hereditary non-polyposis is caused by mutations in mismatch repair genes, accounting for 5% of colorectal cancer – 10%, higher than the general incidence of early, after 20 years of age to cancer. Have a family history, the probability of occurrence of colorectal cancer were higher than the average 2 – 3 times.
(2) history of polyps or polyps surgery. Mainly refers to the adenomatous polyps, polyps than those without the high probability of occurrence of cancer, 2 – 5 times more fat than those with single site of cancer was higher than 1 times.
Large colorectal cancer risk factors (3) history of gynecologic cancer patients who have radiation therapy, the incidence of high probability of 2 – 3 times. After 40 years the incidence increased year by year.
(4) with previous history of colorectal cancer surgery, the occurrence of the first two the probability of colorectal primary cancer is 3 times higher than the average person. With breast or gynecological cancer patients than the general population of women prone to colon cancer.
(5) patients with chronic colitis, the first one for 10 years, the incidence of colorectal cancer is about 3%, after increasing 20% every 10 years or so.
Risk factors for colorectal cancer (6) unexplained change in bowel habits or stool abnormalities in the elderly over the age of 40.
Are advised not to have the situation lightly, the surgeon should be alert not to miss the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer risk factors.
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