Characteristics of elderly patients with cancer pain

By | December 26, 2011

Characteristics of elderly patients with cancer pain 1. The elderly have a higher prevalence of malignant tumors
The elderly have a higher prevalence of cancer are: esophageal cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer. In addition to pain because the primary tumor itself, oppression, caused by infiltration around the outside, more common in bone pain, among which the transfer of the spine and pelvis were more common transfer. Elderly patients with bone metastasis of cancer often had severe pain, requires long-term use of analgesics to control or joint nerve block.
2 elderly patients with cancer pain characteristics. Nerve pain caused by oppression or violation of
Oppression or violation of cancer which is caused by parts of the nerve pain in elderly patients with cancer of one of the main. Cancer pain patients, about 40% of the pain of nerve elements, but only 7.7% was expressed as neuropathic pain. Clinical manifestations of two categories: one category is in the form of the main features of neuropathic pain, such as sharp pain, diffuse to the surface distribution of nerve conduction. More common in cancer violation of vertebrae, ribs, peritoneal or pleural and other organizations. And those sympathetic to pain is characterized by organ, expressed as dull, part of imprecise, often with a chronic and persistent increase. Common in cancer substantive violations of the cavity or organ, or nerve plexus of sympathetic fibers (such as peritoneal nerve plexus, superior mesenteric plexus, plexus and other parts of Russia.) Elderly people suffering from colorectal cancer or recurrence after surgery can cause bowel obstruction, often accompanied by such pain or cramps situation, and sometimes pain symptoms before the obstruction.
Characteristics of elderly patients with cancer pain, 3. The treatment of cancer pain caused by
Surgical procedures can damage the body surface or visceral nerve fibers and lead to new pain; radiation therapy during the course of blood vessels around the tumor, lymphatic tissue damage can cause inflammation also cause swelling and pain. Inspection process in the treatment of various invasive examination or operation can trigger new pain.
Characteristics of elderly patients with cancer pain 4. The pain caused by other reasons
When cancer patients more likely to lead to malnutrition, weakness, and even quality of cachexia, thus triggering a variety of complications such as pressure ulcers, tumors War, infection and so lead to the generation of pain. Since the transfer of cancer pain can lead to various syndromes, therefore, patients prone to low self-esteem, loss, loneliness, or fear of disease and death and uncertainty, which can increase sensitivity to pain. Therefore requested the medical personnel in the treatment of elderly cancer pain, not only from the physical pain caused by cancer treatment, but also mental and psychological factors in doubly concerned to reduce the resulting sensitivity to pain.
In addition, the characteristics of elderly patients with cancer pain, often due to multiple organ dysfunction or failure, the pain decreased, while the tolerance of the drug also decreased, the implementation of analgesic treatment should pay attention to respiratory and circulatory stability and security.

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