What are the three early lung cancer

By | December 25, 2011

The three early lung cancer 1. Early detection
Very early in lung cancer, even in the early stages of cancer, use of special inspection methods to find and give timely treatment to control their development. Mainly rely on early detection of lung cancer cases screening measures. Refers to rapid screening test, inspection or other methods, the surface is divided into healthy people may be sick (test positive), and may not be patient (test negative) screening. Test does not have diagnostic significance. Positive screening must be approved by physicians for further diagnosis and treatment of mouth.
The three early lung cancer 2. Early diagnosis
(1) the diagnostic criteria of early lung cancer
Long-term surgical treatment of early lung cancer up to 80% -90% survival rate, but unfortunately now a large majority of the medical centers were already in advanced lung cancer, the proportion of early lung cancer is minimal, requiring medical workers and the patient both sides to work together to find more early stage lung cancer, early treatment to improve the prognosis of patients with lung cancer. The progress of modern science, especially the development of molecular biology techniques provide the means for early diagnosis of cancer. Diagnostic criteria of early lung cancer include the following two aspects:
* Occult lung cancer: is the sputum or bronchial washing fluid found in cancer cells, while the chest X-ray film or fiber bronchoscopy did not see the tumor.
* Early Lung Cancer: There are two cases: foci limited to the bronchial wall is no foreign invasion nor metastasis of lymph nodes or other organs of central lung cancer; foci within the maximum diameter of 3 cm lymph nodes or other organs nor transfer peripheral lung cancer.
(2) early clinical manifestations of lung cancer
* Early lung cancer about 1 / 3 of the cases asymptomatic, and often found in the examination.
* Early central lung cancer most of the early symptoms of cough based. Its characteristics are: the irritating cough, no sputum or sputum little white foam; this cough cough medicines with general invalid. part of the past, chronic bronchitis and inflammation, chronic cough patients, the occurrence of central lung cancer later, the cough nature, timing, regularity, medication response and the previous "old cough" different ports need to do this to help bronchoscopy diagnosis.
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