How to care during radiotherapy

By | December 26, 2011

All side effects of radiation concerns. No experience in the early state of radiotherapy, the radiation dose, biological effects handled badly, resulting in more severe radiation damage to many people leave a fears.
In fact as long as the radiation treatment according to specifications, the reaction is very light. The most common side effects are fatigue, skin changes and loss of appetite, other side effects are usually related with the treatment area. Dry skin reactions generally only short-term self-healing tissues can be acute edema, a few see a light erosion, short term radiotherapy can cause hair loss recoverable head, generally within six months renewable; salivary gland damage, needs 1-2 years time to recover response set of spinal nerves in the six months to a year, often their own recovery. Therefore, most of the side effects will be promptly removed. Also, you can learn some ways to alleviate the discomfort caused by side effects.
1. Fatigue
Care during radiotherapy, the body takes a lot of energy is not self-rehabilitation. Diseases caused by pressure. Daily to and from treatment, and the impact of radiation on normal cells can lead to fatigue. Radiotherapy for most people will feel tired after a few weeks, and with the continued radiation will increase the feeling of fatigue.
After radiotherapy, weakness and fatigue will gradually disappears. During radiotherapy, you can then do something less and less activity, more rest. Flat bed at night, during the day may have to rest. You may request a family and friends to help do chores shopping, taking care of children or car, but also neighbors in the purchase request, to help buy some things.

2. Skin
Care during radiotherapy treatment of the skin sensitive, looks red, wrinkled. A few weeks later, your skin becomes dry as radiotherapy. These symptoms you should tell the doctor, the doctor will make recommendations to eliminate your discomfort. A few weeks later the end of radiotherapy, the majority of skin reactions will eliminate. In some cases, radiotherapy than before the skin is slightly dark. You should be careful to treat their skin, here are some suggestions:
* Use cold water and mild soap: let the water through the skin of radiotherapy, do not rub with a towel;
* Clothes, part of the treatment should not wear too tight; * Do not rub, scratch sensitive parts of the catch;
* Do not put hot or cold things, such as hot towels or ice packs on the skin of radiotherapy, unless the doctor recommends to do so;
* When you are receiving treatment and the end of treatment within a few weeks, do not rub on the site of radiotherapy powder. Skin cream, perfume, deodorant, creams, lotions and home medications, unless the medical license;
* After the end of radiotherapy and radiation within a year, do not let the site of radiotherapy exposure to the sun. If you want to stay for a few minutes in the sun, we must wear a protective effect of clothing (such as broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirts) and the use of sunscreen.
3. Alopecia
Head of radiotherapy, will result in some or all of your hair off. Many patients know that treatment would be after the end of their hair grow back, but they are still difficult to adapt to hair loss. Depends on the number of long hair out of the radiation dose you receive and the use of radiation in the form. Alopecia of the scalp after you become weak, in the sun, you should wear a hat, wear a wig if you want to ensure that the wig will not stimulate the inner scalp.
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